Posted by: seanmalstrom | May 27, 2015

Disruption is about improving people’s lives

From the Wall Street Journal:

Therefore, you know an innovation is disruptive when a new population has access to products and services that previously were only affordable for the few or the wealthy.

Tesla Motors often gets called disruptive. The company makes innovative cars, for sure, but it isn’t disruptive in the classic sense, as its products are a more expensive alternative that targets people who already have cars. A truly disruptive electric car might look something like a golf cart and be used in new places or by new populations that don’t yet have cars.

But perhaps the biggest misconception surrounding disruption is that the purpose of a disruptive startup is to topple giants.

People wondered how Nintendo could do both ‘disruption’ and ‘Blue Ocean’ at the same time are those that didn’t understand disruption. Disruption is about growing the market in novel ways.



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