Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 3, 2015

Email: Nintendo will use NES Zelda in World Championships…Why didn’t they use Aonuma zelda?

If you haven’t herd Nintendo just revealed the first game that people will be competing with,in the world championships and that game is The Legend of Zelda for the NES. The minute I heard this I wondered why Nintendo was using a 29 YEAR OLD! game to compete in a 2015 championship, i’m in no way saying the game is not good, the fact they are using in a tournament after all theses years is a testament of how good it is.

But it got me thinking that does that mean Nintendo thinks that the games outside of their NES era are not good enough to use to compete with (excluding smash bros, its a fighting game after all), and doesn’t this contradict what Nintendo has been saying about how Zelda is all about puzzles and stories since the the tournament is going to consist of players using combat and action, because i don’t see them using the Zelda’s Aonuma directed.
But I think what this shows is that Nintendo knows that you cant use Aonuma’s Zelda’s to compete in tournament or anywhere else because… you literately cant compete in theses games they are mostly just puzzles and dislodge and who’d want to compete in that there are way better puzzles than videos games.
or maybe i’m looking into his too much.


Someone screwed up. Everyone knows Zelda is about puzzles and story. We know this because Aonuma and Miyamoto told us this. We’re just stupid consumers who don’t even understand the games we’ve been playing for decades. That Zelda 2? Psssshhtt. Terrible, terrible game. Miyamoto told us so. But, oh man, those DS Zelda games, THAT is what Zelda is all about. Oh yes!

If Metroid or Super Metroid or even a Metroid Prime finds its way into this competition, then that will clearly be another screw-up. We know that the only real Metroid is Other M. Players can compete watching Samus talk about ‘the baby’.

If a 2d Mario game appears in the competition, that, too, will also be a mistake by someone. We have been told by Miyamoto and all that there is one Mario and that is 3d Mario. We need 3d Mario competition to watch people run around in circles to find a star. This will be very exciting to watch!

On a more serious note, I don’t see Zelda 1 as very competitive. It’d be interesting if there was a Zelda 2 multiplayer (think of the intense Link vs Shadow Link duels). The great competitive Nintendo games that would work great would be…

Original Mario Brothers is the perfect Nintendo competitive game.

I’d love to see the young generation try this one since they don’t have TVs for them anymore.

Video Game Armageddon.

Battle Mode would work great with the feather and craziness.

This game has to be at the tournament. It’s perfect. And it is not easy to train for.

There’s the usual suspects of Dr. Mario, various Mario Kart battle modes (Bob-omb Battle!), but I’d like to see Nintendo use their own unique controls for the competition. For example, a player who is good at traditional games isn’t very interesting to me. But if he can play NES games godlike as well as Wii Sports as well as touch screen DS and so, that might be very, very interesting.



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