Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 14, 2015

Children don’t belong on the E-Sports stage as broadcasters

So I’m watching the ‘Nintendo World Championship’ stream, and I find an annoying child on stage. “Don’t be stuck up. The child is doing fine.” My favorite that I’m hearing: “This is business. Nintendo knows their demographics. A child has to be on stage.”

OK, guys. E-Sports or Sports itself is not a game business. It is a broadcast business. You don’t put inexperienced people as broadcasters. You don’t put a novice on TV to read the news. The problem isn’t that he is a kid, the problem is that he has no broadcast experience and isn’t adding to the experience. He’s annoying.

The logic of putting a kid up there to ‘get kid demographics’ is the same logic as putting a ditzy girl on stage to get the ‘girl demographic’. Put professionals up there please or give us an option to turn off the ‘brilliant commentary’. This isn’t TV. Everything is computerized. Why can’t I use input to alter the show to better fit my viewing experience?



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