Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 16, 2015

Email: Nintendo World Championship

I suppose everyone has already wrote their mind to you about this, but what the hell.

What a fiasco.
Seriously. This was disappointing in all fronts. From the participants to the commentators to the games. It was boring. It was dull. It was a mess. It was convulted as hell.
We got a first elimination match of Splatoon and I could never understand what was going on, who was playing in which team or what was the objective. And the commentators made it worse with their obnoxious talk. It was so bad that they put an annoying kid there and later I was missing him.
They had elimination challenges with LoZ (that was cool), Super Metroid (eh… kind of entertaining, but choosing the ending was anti-climatic) and… Balloon Fight. Meh.
The apex of how lame was this had to be the moment they “world premiered” a sort of robot armored soccer game (I guess it was for the 3DS, I’m not sure) and the audience response was… dead silence.
The only thing worth mentioning was how the used Super Mario Maker for the final match. That was kind of cool. But made me realize that game is Nintendo cashing in on those Nightmare Mario hacks.
Also, couldn’t help but notice how everyone was strugling with the controls… until I noticed they were using the WiiU pad. No wonder.


I think the Mario Maker shows the power of 2d Mario. NSMB series has really… kinda taken the joy out of 2d Mario.

I remember when Mario Maker was first shown… and it seemed so disappointing. The levels seemed so short. Now, we know we have full fledged levels. What I want to know is if we can have full worlds like SMB 3 or Super Mario World. Are we just stuck with levels?



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