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Email: E3

You’ve already talked about most of what I’ve felt already.  I just want to add that the Treehouse stuff is incredibly annoying in and of itself (without any little kids being added in).  While the gaming industry in general seems to be stuck on making cinematic games (because they all secretly want to be directors or something), Nintendo is now acting like they’re stars.  The developers are trying to turns themselves into rock stars, the executives are trying to behave like actors, and the lower-level Nintendo employees (the Treehouse people) are acting like every brain dead Youtube commentator out there.

During one part of the Treehouse stream I actually heard one of them try to insult the other by calling him a “casual gamer.”  Are you fucking kidding me?

Why can’t I just have Reggie walk on stage, mention the new game, and then show it off like E3 2010?  Is that so hard?  What the fuck is up with this company’s “philosophy”?  I’m sick of it!


That’s an interesting observation. The Treehouse people are enacting Youtube commentators.

I really liked E3 2006 and not for the reason of it being the big Wii unveiling. I liked it because it was the last of the oldschool E3 and wasn’t controlled. People would take videos of themselves playing the game (which is what a youtube or twitch broadcast is). Nintendo trying to emulate the same effect by using their staff to play the games is NOT the same!

Twitch and Youtube are so popular for gaming precisely because it doesn’t have employees playing their games. It is also why the World Championship 2015 for Nintendo was so well received because the players were not employees. They were like us. The guy at the final failing on the wall jumps could have been me. I sympathized with the guy.

Nintendo is not understanding the concept of ’empathy’ in commentary. When this site started, so many people could not believe someone like me existed. I was a ‘paid Nintendo employee’. People come to sites like these or Youtube or Twitch not because they ‘change opinons’ or anything but because they reflect views that are already present in the viewer. The viewer thinks, “This Youtube guy is like me in tastes, but I work all day and can’t try out these games. Therefore, I will go with the game he recommends.” That is how it works.

I do not relate or identify with any of the Treehouse people. They are all Nintendo employees. They are not the market. Their commentary is worthless. They might as well just only show the gameplay.

BTW, the Wii Sports videos of seeing people play Wii Sports for the first time was extremely powerful and worked very strongly when the Wii was released. We need more of that and less paid employees playing.



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