Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 17, 2015

Email: Petition for cancelation of Metroid Prime: Federation Force

I don’t know if you’ve seen this yet or not:
Basically, there’s over 5,000 people who are so angry about this game that they signed a petition to make Nintendo cancel the game.  Granted, these are probably people who are going to buy it anyway. (They have a WiiU and 3DS after all)
I was mad about Spirit Tracks.  What did I do? I put it down, gave it away, and haven’t bought a single thing from Nintendo since.  I didn’t start a petition to get Aonuma fired.  Guess it goes to show the quality of people that are still buying Nintendo.


This is hilarious. I can imagine what is going on in Sakamoto’s head. “These people do not understand my genius. Therefore, I will MAKE THEM understand!”

Federation Force looks like crap. Is anyone interested in this game at all? Anyone?

Look at the trailer of this game. It has like 90% dislikes. Ouch.



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