Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 23, 2015

Nintendo is lame and boring, thus, I keep playing Heroes of the Storm

I’ll get to the emails in a second. Nintendo is just… lame. Their ‘interviews’ seem like nothing but excuses. Nintendo acts like gaming revolves around developers and their ‘visions’ and studios. Gaming actually revolves around games and gamers. The reason why the 2015 Nintendo World Championship was fun is because it revolved around GAMES and GAMERS. It did NOT revolve around developers. We did not have to watch a ‘developer’ talk about a game while surrounded by Yoshi dolls.

It’s not that Nintendo doesn’t understand this business. They do. They just don’t like it. They don’t like that they, their ‘developer visions’, do not guide or control the market. The Metroid: Other M vs Real Metroid is a perfect example of this. But you can see they want their franchises to go their way. This would make sense if their way actually sold copies. It doesn’t. They just blame the marketers and change their execution of the same wrong thing over and over again.

I seriously wonder if Metroid Prime Galactic Force (or whatever it is called) is a deliberate attempt to destroy the Metroid Prime IP. We know Sakamoto doesn’t like Metroid Prime and what it represents.

Meanwhile, I just got master level on Kerrigan in Heroes of the Storm. I’m still having a blast. And Blizzard is doing a huge Diablo event of multiple maps and heroes. But what I really like is NEW SOUNDTRACKS. Oh yes…

Above: It’s teh awesome!


I will keep playing my ‘casualized, Free-To-Play game’ while the hardcore keep being hardley-cores. I now have all the heroes and, due to gold gain, will likely get all future heroes for free.

I’m not sure who Nintendo is trying to sell their games and consoles to these days. All I know is that it is not for me.



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