Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 25, 2015

Email: Reggie pretends that people are taking a liking the Federation Force

Just read, I do not believe this. Everything you said about Sakamoto and Aonuma wanting to insist that their horrid experiments are ‘good’ are beginning to take light.

‘What’s interesting is that now I’m hearing that the reaction to Blast Ball has been quite fabulous. So things are good.’ Ok Reggie, where exactly did you hear this information? The YouTube dislike bar, the petition to cancel the game (which is VERY rare to see in this day and age) and the big controversy surrounding it? Is he literally braindead? How can anyone be this stubborn?


I believe Metroid Prime Hunters sold pretty well on the DS. Nothing spectacular, but it was solid. I personally liked Hunters and thought it was a solid game with a strong Quake 3 type feel to it.

Above: To all the people who bitched about Metroid Prime Hunters not being ‘metroid enough’, after Federation Force, you owe us an apology… And I’m still waiting for Weavel to have his own game.

You want a Metroid spin-off? How about Metroid Prime Pinball. Oh yeah….

I love how the beginning of the video the reviewer says people were worried that Nintendo would start making all these Metroid spin-offs. Federation Force proves this to be true.

The truth is that good products do not have to be ‘explained’ to the customer. Every time Nintendo drops the ball, be it Virtual Boy, Wii U, or whatever, Miyamoto goes out there and demands new marketing. But the problem is that you cannot ‘explain’ a good product. Wii Sports was never ‘explained’. It was simply played live. Wii Fit was never explained. It was simply shown playing. Everyone got it.



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