Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 26, 2015

Backlash more about EA’s business model that Nintendo has adopted

Did you know that Nintendo loves EA?

Oh yes.

Nintendo thinks EA has the coolest business model. This is one reason why Nintendo was so excited to put EA front and center during the Wii U announcement. Nintendo loves how EA can make the same sports games over and over again. Nintendo wants to be like EA in this.

Yes, it is all true.

But when you analyze fan reaction to Nintendo, it is clear fans are not being in a backlash due to ‘Nintendo trying something different’. Nintendo fans even love the Virtual Boy. They do! But the thing about Nintendo fans is that they are NOT fans of EA. Now, why is that?

Are there any fans of EA?

EA was voted in some magazine to be the worst company every to exist in two years in a row. Gamers despise EA’s business model practices. Sports games buyers and Call of Duty clone buyers are not the most savviest of gamers.

Nintendo’s gaming output might as well have been farmed out to EA. Metroid Prime Galactic Federation sounds like what would happen if EA got hold of the Metroid license. The NSMB franchise, including 3d World and 3d Lan, seems what would happen if EA got hold of the Mario license.

It’s not the IPs or the ‘game concepts’ Nintendo fans are backlashing against. They are in a backlash due to the EA style business model. The games coming out look soul-less, cheap, and have absolutely no point. They seem like games manufactured off an assembly line. “Here comes another Paper Mario handheld RPG.”

Have you noticed all the ‘developer interviews’ and commentary when new games are introduced? It is amazing because games used to have no such introduction. No one knew who Miyamoto was. No one knew who the developers were. All we knew is that the games were coming. They might as well have fallen from the sky.

Where did this come from? It didn’t matter. It was a Mario game.

Where are the developers? They are all missing!

Now, I know these are TV commercials. However, the point is that these games did not need developers to speak out for them. Why is that? What is the point of having developers speak up about their game?

It is to combat the perception the game was made from an assembly line.

Nintendo fans are incompatible with EA’s business model. Nintendo may find generational editions of Smash and Mario Kart to sell well, but it isn’t exactly moving new hardware. Mario Kart Wii cannot compare to Wii Fit or Wii Sports or Super Mario Brothers. Donkey Kong Country probably did more for the SNES than Super Mario World did which is very telling.

Nintendo’s business model also feels like it is stuck in the 1990s (in the bad way). Why would anyone want to purchase the console hardware to play such uninspired crap?



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