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Email: Master Malstrom, the NX may not bring gameplay innovation

Master Malstrom,

It seems to me, based on your posts, that all of Nintendo’s hope for success lay on the next E3 and what they will reveal for the next generation (the NX). Having an agnostic platform, with an account system that allows you to pay once for games you can play on several platforms seems fine, but I fail to see how is that going to allow for gameplay innovation – the one thing you state Nintendo is lacking right now. Why isn’t the NX any different from any new hardware release? Why do you believe the NX will be able to bring gameplay innovation better than Wii U? I don’t see Sakamoto or Aonuma or Miyamoto getting sacked anytime soon…


Nintendo monitors what we all say on the Internet. From their monitoring, they began a series of statements saying “NX is the hardware.” hahaha. I think that may has more to do with the unveiling of the Wii U and that no one thought Wii U was a ‘new console’ since Nintendo didn’t promote the console box, just the controller.

There are business objectives that must be done. One of them is a unified account system. I can’t see how Nintendo can do anything in the gaming space without one. There is a reason why Nintendo bought that Internet company. I believe the ‘mobile games’ Nintendo is making was part of that deal. What Nintendo wants is someone to do the unified account system. Let’s take a look at the picture Iwata presented:

Yes, the NX is ‘new hardware’. But I know that software is what drives the hardware production. This membership service jointly serving all these systems has to come into play somehow. I think that has to be a big element of NX.

I think it might be a mistake to look at NX through the context of ‘game console’ but more as part of a ‘family’. We know that the NX isn’t going to replace your PC, smartphone and all. Will it replace your 3DS or Wii U?

Will it?

I don’t know. It will succeed it, yes, but will the NX do the same job as a home console? Or a handheld? Nintendo really isn’t saying. 3DS is old and Wii U has no sales, so why put those two on the ‘new membership service’? Seems like a waste of money.

I’m thinking NX is more positioned as a ‘third pillar’ type DS device. It is a successor, but it is not yet ‘another Gameboy’.

We just don’t have much information to go on. If we go based on Nintendo’s track record, then NX will be pushing 3d gaming in some fashion because we apparently can’t seem to get enough of 3d technology.





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