Posted by: seanmalstrom | June 26, 2015

Email: Miyamoto and puppets

Miyamoto has explained the 3D obsession.  It’s because he made puppets when he was a kid and it reminds him of that.  This also explains why he hired Aonuma.

“And then we came to the 3-D era of video games, and when I was younger I used to enjoy creating puppets and doing puppet shows, so this was like doing puppet shows in a 3-D video game space. So I found that even as time progressed in my career as a video game designer, I still kept encountering all the things that I loved when I was younger. So I truly feel fortunate to have found them.”


Miyamoto is richer than fuck. He even has a dog farm where he breeds dogs (or some other animal). HE CAN BUY WHATEVER HE WANTS.

I’m sick and tired of this ‘tortured artist’ routine he pulls. No one is stopping Miyamoto from doing anything. Not financially. Not in the company. Not the investors. No one.

Since Nintendo has been going back in their past and looking at things like World Championship of Nintendo 1992, perhaps they will also go back and realize that Miyamoto’s face was not the face of Nintendo. No one knew who the fuck Miyamoto was or really cared. Mario was the face of Nintendo.

Nintendo used to be the House of Mario.

Now, Nintendo is the House of Miyamoto.

This is a big, big problem. Mario does not age. Mario does not get sick. Mario does not retire. Miyamoto will age, get sick, and retire. It is inevitable. Yet, some moron at Nintendo thinks it is a good idea to tie up Nintendo’s… ‘soul’… into one of its members. Nintendo has made many great games without Miyamoto.

When Miyamoto does step down… because he is made of flesh and not a god of sunbeams and rainbows… how is Nintendo going to represent what it is?



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