Posted by: seanmalstrom | July 3, 2015

Email: 4-player versions of Dr. Mario and similar

My parents love games like Dr. Mario and Tetris, games that I call “puzzle-arcade” (so as to differentiate from “puzzle-adventure” like Myst and “puzzle-Aonuma”).

However, other than several verities of Tetris, (not including Tetris Attack / Panel de Pon) I literally know of only one to three (depending of how you define it) other “puzzle-arcade” games that have 4-player support:

– Dr. Mario 64

– Nintendo Puzzle Collection [updated versions of Yoshi’s Cookie and Tetris Attack / Panel de Pon; includes Dr. Mario 64] (Japan only, GameCube)Am I wrong, or is there simply a lack of”puzzle-arcade” games with 4-player local multiplayer that aren’t named “Tetris”?  Please enlighten me Master Malstrom!

(home console is preferred even if it’s Xbox, PC is OK, arcade might be possible with MAME, and handheld could be difficult even with emulators)


What you say sounds right. I can’t think of many 4 player Tetris clone games.

One you should consider is Puzzle Bobble. The DS one was great. Bust-A-Move (it was called) on the DS supported six players.




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