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Emails: What about Genyo Takeda?

Several emails on Takeda:

Hi malstrom! I have been reading your entries about the future of nintendo and the next-to-come president and your reasonings about Miyamoto. I agree with you that he may be the “de facto” replacement for the immediate future. I am not sure about liking this idea. I see him as a very arrogant man that cannot accept to be wrong. But hey who knows right?

But what do you think about genyo takeda? he is also one of the current temporary directors. Don’t you think he may be the most probable candidate? he has much more time than Miamoto, he is “young” enough to travel and may has more experience than miyamoto. I don’t know, what are your thoughts about him?


Hello Master Malstrom

while I do agree that Miyamoto would take teh position I was also thinking that Genyo Takeda could also fir the position or at least be the corporate president, as being the very first Nintendo game designer
While I’ve agreed that Miyamoto could be a popular choice for President in the eyes of fans, employees and some investors, what about Genyo Takeda?Takeda apparently lead the committee on Iwata’s funeral which Reuters is saying could be an indication he’ll be taking on a leadership role: Takeda was one of the lead developers of the Wii console and was noticeably disenfranchised with the power-race direction gaming was taking around the 6th generation. He’s mostly been involved in the hardware end of things, but when teams under him were involved in making games it was NES-era sports and arcade style games. Seems to me to be the direction you’re always advocating Nintendo to look more into.

And last but not least, we know barely anything about his hobbies or personality quirks, so no “game god” nonsense here.

Takeda may very well become the Nintendo president. The question is: “Does he want it?” Also: “Does Miyamoto want it?” I don’t know. None of them have told me anything. How would I know any of this?
I do think Miyamoto wants it… at least, he once did. Does he want to just lie back and make small budget games? Miyamoto’s risen to crisis of Nintendo before. Donkey Kong was Miyamoto solving the crisis of Radar Scope, for example. Super Mario Brothers was solving the sales instability of the new game console. Miyamoto’s development career and Nintendo’s business trajectory are not separate and have been deeply interlinked for decades.
Here is (my) reasoning for tilting the guess to Miyamoto. Presidents are normally chosen by who ‘looks good’ in that chair. You laugh, but it is true. “This guy looks like a bank president. Let us put him in that chair.” Before you guys go, “No, that is impossible! That never happens!” Consider how a president of the United States is chosen. Is not one of the requirements about how they look, act, and sound in the role? Clearly, if TV was around in the day, Abraham Lincoln could never be president with his gangly nature.
Generally, the president needs to be able to run the company (which Miyamoto can since he is a senior director already), rally the employees (which Miyamoto does), bring confidence to investors (they always ask for Miyamoto to do this and that), and do the PR game well (which Miyamoto is a master). These factors matter now in a Nintendo president because Nintendo used to be more unusual. Let me explain.
Why was Yamauchi president? It was because he was in the blood line. That is it. That was why Yamauchi was president number 3.
Why did Iwata become president? It was because Yamauchi hand-picked Iwata as his successor. Takeda mentions this as well in the eulogy. Yamauchi’s family also owned most of the company then too. I do not believe this is the case as it once was.
So I think the new president will be chosen by more ‘normal’ factors that you see at other companies. The most famous person at Nintendo is Miyamoto. He is also a senior director. It just makes sense. The news media will have a grand time with Miyamoto’s ‘rising’ as it parallels Nintendo’s latest console and new business strategy.
Now, Miyamoto may not want to be president. Maybe it will be decided Takeda is to become president or even someone else. I don’t know. They don’t talk to me. I don’t see Takeda being the ‘PR animal’ that Miyamoto is. A president of the company has to be a PR animal. Iwata did it. Yamauchi did it too in his own way.


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