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Conversations I am hearing in real life

As a gamer, I cannot say anything definite on Heroes of the Storm because I’m still tinkering with it. “What’s that mean?” I’m playing around with a smurf. On my main account, I have all the heroes and will get every hero for free as long as I do the daily quests. Smurf is telling me that it takes about a month to get to level 30 and when you do, you will not have 10 heroes unless you buy them with real money. You will have around 7-8 decent heroes.

I’m still mixed about the game. The game is doing some things very, very well, but it seems to be missing some big things. It can be said that Dustin Browder destroyed the Starcraft franchise, and certain similar issues are creeping into Heroes. But on the other hand, it seems too early to say.

I think the Diablo Event has been lame. Entertainment needs surprise, it needs spontaneity. Having ‘themed events’ gets in the way. We’ll know what to expect.


There are some unemployed guys in a class of mine. They are hardcore gamers. They are also huge Nintendo fans. “Wii U is fantastic! I love it.” But that Wii with Wii Sports? “Terrible!”

They’re excited about Diablo 3’s upcoming patch (which is why I’m checking it out again). They also used to play WoW. I asked them about the latest WoW expansion: Legion. “I’m so over WoW…” They’re not coming back. Instead, these guys were playing TERA. (How come TERA has been immune to criticism to their female characters? Could it be that it is Asian made? No Western game company would make something this… ambitious.)

At one time, a guy brought in Japanese candy in its little tin. Others tried it. Did it taste any different? No. But it came in a Japanese tin with cute little animals on it. These guys didn’t look like women would be going for them (though I’m not a woman so I cannot truly tell), but I believe the herbivore phenomenon is spreading into the West.


What to make of Donald Trump?

Businessmen, as I warn, are actually very complex people. They are not employees. They are not self owned businessmen (which is actually just an employee who owns his own job). They deal with investors. They are investors. They deal with banks. (Do you know why there are no 24 hour banks and why banks open and close at their rigid times? It is because banks are not for you. They are for them… the businessmen.)

The best way to understand the businessman, such as Trump, is to understand the PERSONALITY OF WINNING.

This is a Kiyosaki video, but it applies. It applies not only because it is true, but also because Kiyosaki is a business partner of Trump’s and Trump has endorsed Kiyosaki’s teachings. Trump’s base is made of people who believe in ‘winning’. It also explains why Trump phrases everything he does in the context of winning vs losing. “We don’t win with China. We don’t win with Mexico. Etc. Etc.” His celebrity stunts are probably a combination of him having fun and ‘winning’.

Businessmen will act like clowns if it gives them success. But that does not mean they are clowns.

Dave Thomas, the founder of Wendy’s, would do commercials like this. In the commercials, Dave Thomas comes across as a ‘aw shucks’ type of guy. The truth is that he was a mean and lean aggressive businessman. He only did these commercials, played to clown part, because it increased his sales.

Businessmen are not clowns or douchebags. Businessmen are also not wise-men or saints. Businessmen only want to win. Who else wants to win? It would be military people, sports players, and gamers (well, some gamers).

If you look at the biographies of guys like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, you will find personalities who want to win. Sometimes they would want to win at whatever they would do. Bill Gates was obsessed with winning at Poker during college (before he dropped out).

On the surface, businessmen are very nice and sweet. But should they feel they are crossed, you are in for a world of hurt.

Now, relating to Trump, one must differentiate what is Trump from the general personality of winning. It’s actually somewhat hard. The personality of winning is rare within the general population. Politicians tend to suffer from personalities of ‘being liked’ to ‘being right’. And unlike politicians or most people, we are watching Trump go bonkers on anyone he thinks has crossed him. This is common within that personality type.

I’m quite amused watching the clash of personalities unfold.



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