Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 13, 2015

Throttling the Content… because Nintendo thinks we’re too stupid to understand it all

Is there any product in the world where the business throttles how the consumer consumes it? Restaurants do not say, “That is enough to eat for the day. Come back tomorrow.” No. They serve you as much as you want to eat. Book shops do not say, “That is enough books for you to read. Come back tomorrow.” No. They give you as much books as you want. You see where this is going.

The only business I know that does throttle consumption would be serving alcohol. “Yeah, you cannot stand, buddy. I think you’ve had enough.” But that is different. You literally cannot consume more of that product.

This is one of the dumbest business moves I’ve ever seen. And it is all born from the thought that ‘the public is too STUPID to understand all this. We must give it to them in piecemeal.’ The arrogance is incredible.

So I have a MODEST PROPOSAL for Mario Maker. Are you listening gamers? Here it goes.

You should only have to pay one ninth of the cost of the game for the first day.

Sixty divided by nine is about seven. So gamers should pay $7 for the first day.

Then on the second day, Nintendo gets $7 more since another ninth of the tools become available. This continues until all nine parts are given out.

I think this sounds like a great and wonderful solution. If Nintendo wants to throttle the content, we should throttle the payments.

But note how Nintendo wants all the money up front. They want me to pay for the entire meal but only deliver it in piecemeal.

This is actually a very big deal. Do you think this is going to stop here? Oh no. Excited about Open World Zelda? I can guarantee you that Nintendo will deliberately block off the game’s content so you cannot ‘blaze’ through it. You laugh now, but you will see.

Imagine a new Metroid game where Norfair is blocked for a day because Nintendo thinks you should appreciate Brinstar some more. Did I say ‘imagine a new Metroid game’?

Oh we’re fucked.



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