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Email: The Herbivore Male


Hey Malstrom,

It very much caught my eye when you mentioned the Herbivore Male recently. I probably am one (I get signals from women, but I’m a bit too much of a loser for that kind of thing), so maybe I do just notice it more often than not.

I think as an older millennial, I’ve had the strange ability to watch how the changeover from masculinism to feminism and technology affected us.

– Video games are EXCITING to the growing male brain. I bucked the trend a bit in that I was able to at least keep up with the jocks in school, but even real sports wasn’t as exciting as video games.

– Feminism taught guys that they had to be nice to girls (which we misconstrued as “if we’re nice to girls, they’ll have sex with us”) and that girls can shoot for the stars. Which led to a bit of a problem, because those women were still socialized (either through the combination of old and new school messages that still existed or maybe just animal dynamics) that they can’t date below themselves. Guys have no problem dating below themselves, which creates a problem at the top because if the top guys are taking from every rung, and the top girls would rather be alone than date below them, someone’s going to get left out.

– Technology. Elementary school was pre-internet days for us, someone snuck in a magazine they stole from their dad, or you waited until it was really late and tried to sneak watching the less PG channels and that is how you saw a naked lady, and if we got older, it seemed like you either bought the magazines or had to convince a girl to get with you. Now, the internet is a smorgasbord of the hottest women doing the nastiest things imaginable. Women can’t compete, and your Herbivore or leftover male, while not getting the highest quality (i.e. an actual living, breathing woman), is still getting something

– Trashiness has become the “in” thing too. Trump’s “winners and losers” thing isn’t going to go over well because the losers are the new winners. It seemed to me the changeover happened in the late 90s around when I hit high school. Tattoos, looking as much like a criminal or a prostitute as possible. You would have sex with these people because they’re hot, but you wouldn’t want to marry them.
– And that kind of thing being popular meant that while women wanted to be both hot and sexy but still have a “real” man take care of them, there isn’t any motivation from men to become good husbands or fathers. That kind of work to be a “real” man takes a lot of pain and sacrifice, and the risk of paying for someone else’s mistake or wondering if they’re going to take half of your pay for 20 years when they get bored leads to guys not trying and finding something to occupy their time instead (video games being a common one) because there’s no social pressure to marry if you’re a guy

– Even the guys who do try, they get burned so often that eventually they just give up and find something fun to do, like video games. I’ve seen more than one woman get angry when a man suggested he doesn’t try to compete to get women anymore because he got burned too many times. Women still think they’re the ultimate prize when there are ways to have more fun with your time if you just can’t crack what women want, which is someone at their level or above their level

– I’ve had that thing happen to me now where I see a lot of young boys and teenage guys and wondering what happened to “real” men. A lot of them are as vain or more vain than the most vain women are, they talk with a bit of a valley girl accent, they groom themselves and feminize themselves. I’m the farthest thing from manly but I feel like if I was their age, I’d be one of the manliest guys around. I sometimes wonder if they just date each other because they have nothing else to date.

The next generation or so is probably going to even out somewhat in that we’ll end up with more girls dating and marrying below themselves because they’ll have grown up with egalitarianism as the norm, but we’ve got a bit of a “lost generation” of Herbivore Men and Highly Educated Spinsters who aren’t really seeing the benefits of the other gender.


If I could eliminate one element of the Human race, it would be of the ability for people to imagine themselves angels floating above mankind, separate, pure, and floating innocently, and believing to judge everything below them with perfect clarity.

You are not an angel. You are flesh. You are part of ‘the masses’. You do not fly. You are on Earth RIGHT NOW.

Who are people who talk like they are angels floating above the mass of humanity making observations and judgements? It would be your academics, philosophers, politicians, various writers, various speech makers, and on and on. I have noticed that many people think they are ‘wise’ because they have ‘thought’ about something. For example, a woman will think about the feminist ways, pro or con, yet forget in all this that she is a woman compose of flesh with her life deteriorating every second of time.

I have realized that we are not angels and do not have the right to separate ourselves from the mass of Mankind. We are all players on Earth… today. We are all in the game.

Once I realized this, I realized this was a constant theme of Shakespeare as he kept vilifying the ‘philosophers’ while celebrating the partipants of life. In As You Like It, Jaques who does the entire ‘7 Ages of Man’ speech is left in the forest. Everyone else gets paired off, marries, and moves on with life.

The ultimate question is how do you best enjoy life? I have realized that life is much more enjoyable while being a man (since I am male). I also find life much more enjoyable getting money from WORK instead of PRUDENCE. You are who your friends are. Since billionaires do not want to be my friend (alas), I make my friends be combat veterans who have traveled to at least three continents. Life is much more enjoyable now.

Herbivore men and the tattoo thugs who are creating single-moms are largely the same thing. While this goes off through a rabbit hole into a Wonderland of revelations, there is much misunderstanding of sexuality. Sexuality above the waist is far more interesting and can alter your life profoundly. Which came first, the lack of money or the lack of interest in the other gender? I’d say they are the same. I fear that herbivores are destined for the virtual reality ghetto, not unlike real ghettos, because they will not undergo sex transmutation.



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