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Email: Unlocks are the reason the modern FPS will die soon

Master Malstrom,

Unlocks are the reason why I can’t play modern multiplayer FPSs anymore.  Call of Duty requires that you play massive amounts of hours to unlock every perk, weapon, and killstreak.   Most baffling of all, they even give you a way to LOCK EVERYTHING AGAIN so you can get a stupid emblem.  Do this like 11 times, and you get an even spiffier emblem.

It’s even worse in Battlefield, where not only do you have to unlock just about everything, but there are now multiple bars for unlocking everything.  Want to unlock an assault rifle?  Get kills with assault rifles.  Want to unlock shotguns?  Get kills with assault rifles.  This goes on and on for EVERY single weapon.  Even worse, each class has it’s own bar for unlocks, each vehicle has its own bar for unlocks, etc.  It’s why despite Battlefield 4 giving me a lot of what I wanted (like a playable third faction in the Chinese), I just can’t bring myself to play it anymore.  The only bright side is that EA lets you unlock everything if you’re willing to pay like $50 for it, but who wants to spend $100 on a game plus unlocking every single bloody item?

Someday, people are going to wake up and realize that they’ve been spending all this extra time on glorified hamster wheels, and that it’s not worth it.  We’re already seeing the decline of Call of Duty’s popularity, but if people ever realize how much time they’ve needlessly wasted unlocking everything, then it’s going to accelerate fast.

P.S: You said a long time ago that you were going to try out Mount and Blade: Warband.  Considering that’s one of my favorite games, I would really like to know how it went if you did.

And if you didn’t, what’s wrong with you?  Go get the game now!  It’s fairly cheap, and the only game that I’ve ever played that I could call addictive on a life-destroying level if you’re not careful.


I own Mount and Blade and intend to play it. When? Dunno. Too busy with so much. Currently for game playing, it is Heroes taking up that time. I have my regular account and my smurf account. I have noticed that I draw much attention on my smurf account. The match making now connects with number of games played. So these other players do not have many games played. They become… animated… around me.

For example, I am playing Valla. I flank the opponents and try to kill them. Often, I’m successful. I believe in the power of overwhelming force. If you cannot win, get out. If it looks even, get out. If I can win 70% chance of that battle, I go in and it is almost sure thing. We are clearly winning. My Hero damage is tops. My allies start complaining. “Valla only comes in for the last shot.” hahaha. Another way to say it is that when Valla comes in, people die.

In another game, 30 minutes (!), one ally starting raging at me. Why? It was because my death count was lowest on the team. I was a tank. But we had THREE tanks on the team. My hero damage was well up there (but nothing can beat OP Leoric until he gets nerfed with the upcoming patch). Yet, this ally could not stop raging at me throughout the entire game. Eventually, the other allies got tired of it and started telling him to ‘know his place’ and to ‘stop typing’. Hahahaha.

Toxicity isn’t when you do bad but when you do well. Do you know why, dear reader? It is because these type of games make people believe that every loss was due to the ‘terrible teammates’ and that every win was due to that player’s ‘amazing and incredible skill’. But if there is a huge skill difference, which occurs when you have a smurf account and play with less experienced people, they can tell this and it is a monkey wrench to their self-image. It is hilarious to witness.

I can tell you one thing with absolute certainty about indicator of skill in Heroes of the Storm: good players do not rage or whine.

“But Malstrom,” you say, “there is a high MMR player who rages and whines.” You see, Heroes is a team based game. Verbally assaulting your allies is the mark of a BAD PLAYER regardless of their MMR. If you find yourself raging, and I have been there, know that it is a sign that you need more experience.

Also, this is true in all walks of life. Successful people do not whine. Children whine. Losers whine. Mediocre people whine. Successful people learn from mistakes and mentally charge ahead.



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