Posted by: seanmalstrom | August 21, 2015

Bought Link’s Awakening and Donkey Kong

By ‘bought’, I mean for the ORIGINAL HARDWARE. I’m playing the original Link’s Awakening. None of the DX stuff. I’m playing it on my Super Gameboy.

I’ve played the game before, but it has been like twenty five years. Going through it again… has not been a pleasant experience. The Link to the Past mechanics are awesome. But there is other stuff in the game that is really crapping it up. I think it has gone unnoticed since it was a handheld game and doesn’t have much in expectations. But this is not a handheld issue, but a design issue which, for some reason, Nintendo thought ‘successful’ so they put it in every Zelda afterward. You can already sense I’m about to attack every part of the game Aonuma touched. I mean, it is like the game was designed by someone who held disdain for the arcade mechanics!

The Donkey Kong Gameboy game is a masterpiece. It is definitely in the top ten of best Nintendo games ever made. If Tetris wasn’t the best Gameboy game ever made, this would be it. This isn’t Donkey Kong like the arcade. The arcade game is literally a prologue to the actual game.



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