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Blizzard makes addictions, not games

Remember when Blizzard made games?






When World of Warcraft became a hit, an Ultima Online producer ‘prophecized’ that the success would end up permanently changing Blizzard and destroy it as a game company. He was right.

There are no games coming from Blizzard. NONE! Blizzard doesn’t make games anymore. They just make addictions.

Take Starcraft 2. The FUN part is actually the single player campaign because that operates like a game. The multiplayer is a mess because it operates more of an addiction than a game. If you tried to play it like you did in Brood War (meaning playing with friends for funsies and all), the game doesn’t work. What Blizzard wanted people to do was to hook everyone up to THE BIG SERVER which would mean SUPER DUPER LADDER. Fuck this shit.

“But Blizzard has an unranked multiplayer.”

Yeah, but they ADDED EXPERIENCE BARS to the game. Experience bars! In Starcraft! Really, now? Is there any more evidence that Blizzard is making an addiction and not an actual game?

Even the single player has all those achievements which was to create an addiction. Blizzard is moving away from achievements because it isn’t hitting the addiction parameters as well as it used to. In other words, people are playing the single player for FUN instead of for ‘addiction’. Fuck this shit.

I don’t see Diablo 3 being ‘reworked’ from the Jay “Fuck that loser!” Wilson era of the real money auction house. What I see, instead, is it being reworked to make a better addiction, not a better game.

Hearthstone… where do I start? There is no game there. It is just an addiction so you buy or spend time obtaining more cards. Fuck that.

Heroes of the Storm is designed around addiction-play, not gameplay. ‘Kill 50 goblins for a themed border!’ Fuck this! The new heroes aren’t changing the gameplay, they are simply more pegs in the addiction ring. The game is nothing more than a giant deathball to kill the core. It revolves around who coordinates the giant deathball better. If you saw the NA finals of Tempo Storm and C9 Maelstrom, you saw how Tempo Storm won only due to iDream being out of position (translated meaning not being part of his team’s death ball correctly). That’s it! HOW BORING IS THAT. There is a reason why Heroes of the Storm is a boring game to watch. It is because there is not much of a game going on there. It is mostly about an addiction.

World of Warcraft has been and is nothing but a sum of addictions. A ‘game’ imiplies losers and winners. There can be no ‘losers’ because that would imply a game actually exists. Instead, it is nothing more than series of addictions.

Why does making addictions work and not games? It is because of our good friends, the hardcore. The hardcore gamer is ugly in looks or in personality so is easily manipulated to channel money to a ‘keep up with the jones’ addiction in the virtual world. The best Blizzard gamers in the world are not those who are movers and shakers in the world but those who can barely afford the rent. “What you’re saying is generalized and mean.” Too bad.

I enjoy games, but I do not need addictions. When you go to the grocery store, do you buy FOOD or do you buy ADDICTIONS? The truth is, many people buy addictions. Addictions would be sugar heavy foods like various junk foods, fast foods, and other crap. What happens? THEY GET FAT. They are riding around Wal-Mart in their rover and getting more crap to feed their addiction. I fear other game companies, such as Nintendo, will go the ‘make addictions’ route instead of the ‘make games’ route.

Some might argue that ‘all games are addictions’. I find this not to be true. The reason why GAMES appeal to me is that my personality is that I WANT TO WIN. I cannot ‘win’ in a movie. I cannot ‘win’ in a TV show. But I can ‘win’ in a video game. The problem is that these ‘addictions’ are trying to emulate the ‘winning feeling’ but you can never, ever truly win. You just get more addicted.

I can win Super Mario Brothers.

I can win Legend of Zelda.

I can win Tetris (sort of).

I can win Civilization.

I cannot win World of Warcraft. I cannot win Heroes of the Storm. I cannot win Starcraft 2.

Blizzard used to be a company that kept updating their games so we can keep winning them. Now, Blizzard has become a company that updates their games only to introduce new addictions and to maintain the addictions to generate cashflow. Fuck this.

Blizzard does not create great games, they create great addictions. I do not need another addiction in my life. If I cannot WIN the game, then why am I playing it? What is going on is that it is Blizzard that is WINNING over us. The more I play Blizzard’s recent games, the more of a LOSER I feel I am. The reason why is because I am LOSING to the addictions and can never win in the game!



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