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Email: Why is this guy surprised Final Fantasy VI is selling…

Better today on mobile then it did originally on SNES?


Even hardcore gamers can’t get RPG history fucking correct. Game history does not revolve around the time you were born! So fucking tired of the ‘Final Fantasy VII made RPGs popular’. No, they didn’t. Final Fantasy VII did the job that Mystic Quest was supposed to do: popularize the CONSOLE RPG.

RPGs were already popular in the West. They were played on PCs. RPG gamers were not on the SNES or Genesis, they were on the PC.

I bought Final Fantasy III for the SNES the day it came out. I still have the cardboard box and original contents. I’m not sure what the value is, but I suspect it is over $100.

(Have you seen the games that were released in 1994? Holy shit! It is like a list of some of the best games ever…)

In 1992, PC gaming got RPGs such as Ultima VII and Ultima Underworld which just crapped all over JRPGs today and forever. RPG gaming on the PC also stagnated in the mid nineties due to various issues.

The only people who were probably buying Final Fantasy III then were people who were fans of Final Fantasy II (IV) and I (I). Who were these gamers? Not the brats who were thought Super Mario World was the best video game ever made. Not the kiddies who thought licensed video games were amazing. RPGs appeal to older players.

There were older players on the NES especially at the beginning. But as console gaming went on, it chased the teen market and drove out the older gamers.

Look at Final Fantasy 3’s marketing!

If you look at the comments of the video, they all think this video was amazing. It wasn’t. Who are they marketing Final Fantasy 3 to? To 12 year olds?

Final Fantasy was inspired by the PC RPGs. The PC RPG gamers were light years ahead. JRPGs innovated with tight scripting and storylines with high production to music and character dramas, but they were still using the Ultima 3 basic model of RPG design. In 1992, RPGs were becoming real-time and even fully controlled first person. JRPGs have never truly innovated the genre.

It wasn’t aesthetics. Final Fantasy 3 simply couldn’t compete with PC RPGs at the time. But Final Fantasy 6 Mobile can easy squash Smartphone RPGs because they all suck!



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