Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 9, 2015

Email: Why becuz….

My 4 year old son has the most hours of any Wii u game clocked into Pikmin 3 it is his favorite Wii u game according to actual hours played on the console. I am still baffled that my four year old finds Pikmin easier then any 2-d Mario game including Classic and New series. He also Finds 3-d World easier then 2-d games.

 You have to face it,you grew up in a different generation.
This email is an example of ‘Wrong Analyzing’. A person’s four year old liking something does not mean the product is popular or profitable. Anecdotal evidence has no actual value.
We must look at sales numbers. We can look at nothing else.
Pikmin is a failure of a franchise. Pikmin games are very expensive to make. Yet, they don’t sell. They don’t sell hardware which defeats the purpose of first party software. Pikmin 3 didn’t light any fires.
The fact that Pikmin 4 is being made should be reason enough to demote Miyamoto. However, no one is above him now. He has free reign to do anything he wants. Having Pikmin 4 being made now shows that Nintendo is not serious about winning in the near future.
The purpose of the NX is not supposed to be Miyamoto’s retirement machine. The purpose of NX is to make Nintendo money. Seriously, something has to be done about Miyamoto. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made him president and then the readers and I will laugh as all Nintendo burns due to his terrible decision making.


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