Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 11, 2015

Contra 3 and Ducktales

I bought Contra 3 and Ducktales for my SNES and NES. I am not a video game collector, so I only buy to play. The going price for Ducktales is about $25 and Contra 3 is about $72. I paid much less than that.

I swear that Contra 3 is nearly perfect. This game is such a solid 10. There is nothing wrong with it. NOTHING. The aesthetic is perfect. The controls are perfect. Replayability is there. Level design is masterful. This game should be studied by aspiring game developers to see how it is done. Even has two player co-op. I haven’t gotten tired of this game in nearly 30 years, I don’t think I will soon.

Ducktales was ahead of its time. This game was brilliantly made. Multiple stage choice at beginning. The stages aren’t exactly linear as you go back and forth. The score is ‘money’ which is deposited into your vault when you leave (you lose your ‘score’ if you die but not what you put in your vault). Multiple difficulties for replayability. Fantastic game.

I think the price of Ducktales is going to skyrocket soon along with Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. Ducktales 2 averages around $200. Fortunately, Ducktales 1 is the better game.

People wonder why playing with the cartridge is more fun. It is because that is how a console is. Consoles today, including Nintendo ones, feel like PCs. Nintendo modern consoles aren’t even fun to collect for anymore.



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