Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 13, 2015

Email: Pikmin again

Honestly, I don’t think it’s primarily a new Miyamoto project, I think they have the assets from the third game, engine, hd textures, etc and they really need games for the dying Wii U. Also it will become a virtual console game for the NX in the future.
For me is that, something quick to make on a console that’s already dead. I think we are going to see more weird projects on the last two years of this catastrophe called Wii U.


When gamers *think*, it is really what they *hope*.

Hey guys! I think Nintendo will make a new 2d Mario that doesn’t use the NSMB aesthetic and is a genuine ‘alice in wonderland’ type sequel to the early Mario games. I think Nintendo will make the next Zelda really like the original in its awesomeness. Then, I think Nintendo will make a proper 2d Metroid that will be soooo awesome that everyone will throw away their copies of Super Metroid. Then, I think Nintendo has a plan to bring all third party support back on board and then bring back cartridges!

After decades of doing that, I’m learned to expect the stupid from Nintendo. Let us ask, “What is the stupidest thing Nintendo can do right now?” I know! Nintendo can make their games espouse political and social messages. Since this is the stupidest thing Nintendo could do, we can be sure to expect it soon.



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