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Email: Perfect games

Hey Malstrom your recent and past articles on Contra 3 and TMNT: Turtles in Time and other “perfect games” (meaning games that never seem to lose their fun factor and thus have stood the test of time) has got me wondering if you’ve ever played Capcom’s excellent “Knights of the Round” hack n’ slash game for the SNES and arcade and if so what you think of it?

Personally I view the game as the greatest hack n’ slash ever created by the hands of gods or men but I’m again curious if you’ve ever played it and what you think of it if you have?

I could understand if this game somehow slipped through the cracks with you as a child since the SNES has such an enormous (or at least a sizeable) library with 700+ games in it’s catalogue.

So to my mind it’d be understandable if you somehow missed out on this title growing up.

The SNES port was I’d say almost better than arcade perfect although technically not so since you could only play it two player co-op on the SNES and not 3 player as in the arcade version, but I preferred the SNES version’s music over the arcade version personally anyway.

So to sum up in SNES Knights of the Round you levelled up and got better looking armor as you go along, you can play two player co-op, you can ride horses in this game (before OOT), there’s actual leaping tigers to fight (way before Russel Crowe ever fought one in Gladiator), you can parry attacks, do jump attacks, do swipe attacks, do special attacks and the soundtrack was very heroic and inspiring.

Whats not to love about it?

Well if you’re not a fan of hack n’ slash I suppose there’s that…but if you are it’s a truly awesome game.


I was well grown up before the SNES. I am well aware of Knights of the Round. It is currently $65 on the price chart.

I am not the biggest fan of brawlers. I can see why people like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, and such games, but they aren’t the most for me. I did really enjoy Double Dragon. Perhaps it was the intensity of the music. Double Dragon 2 was also super awesome but fuck Double Dragon 3. Fuck that game.

I actually don’t have *any* collection for my older consoles. I rented 95% of my games and only bought the best of the best (example: Mega Man games for the NES, Super Mario Kart for SNES, Final Fantasy for both, etc.). I *played* the entire library of the older consoles back in the day. However, I don’t *own* any of them. The Virtual Console turned out to be a huge flop since everything is tethered to hardware which inevitably dies. Virtual Console also felt ‘off’ for many games. You need the original hardware or it just isn’t the same.

I have 39 games for my NES and literally eight for my SNES (I had lost many of SNES games). Currently, I’m on a shoestring budget so I can’t buy much if anything. I find the NES to be much more intense gameplay wise but also too frustrating due to bad game design (given how early these games were made). SNES games have better game design but are much less intense. A great example of this phenomenon is Metroid VS. Super Metroid. Metroid is brilliantly intense. But it is SO AWFUL in its frustrating game design errors. Super Metroid is never intense (unless you were born past the arcade era and actually think Super Metroid is ‘hard’. “Phatoon is too hard. *cries*”). Super Metroid allows you to refill your health and missiles while Metroid does not. Do you know how MIND NUMBINGLY BORING it is to just shoot those insects from pipes all day? Another good example is SNES games having save paks and not relying on batteries. Then again, that means there are less NES games to solder batteries into.

My most played NES game? Contra and probably Millipede. My battery died in my Final Fantasy copy (alas). My battery is dead in my Zelda 2 copy too, but I can play that start to finish in one setting. Final Fantasy 1 is a little too scary to do so.

I’m doing insane stuff with my SNES. Friends come by and see me playing five player SNES games on US cartridges of games that never were released in the US. Then there are the mouse games. “Malstrom, you aren’t supposed to play Civilization on your SNES.” Oh, I’m not!? Too bad. And King Arthur’s World baby!





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