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A Message From Miyamoto

From Nintendo’s Facebook is a message from Former Acting Nintendo President Shigeru Miyamoto (he and Takeda were the ‘acting presidents’ when Iwata passed away):

A Message from Mr. Miyamoto Regarding Star Fox Zero

I made a big decision last week.

We have been developing Star Fox Zero for Wii U with the aim of releasing it this year. Although we felt that the development had been progressing well, we now believe that we will need a little more time to work on areas such as the unprecedented discovery that we want players to experience in the game by using two screens, and further polishing the level designs and perfecting the tone of the cut scenes. While we have already reached the stage where it would be technically possible to release the title in time for the year-end holiday season, we want to polish the game a bit more so that players will be able to more smoothly grasp the new style of play that we are proposing.

To the people looking forward to the launch of the game this holiday season, I am very sorry.

Star Fox Zero is going to bring new game play and experiences that take it far beyond the framework established by Star Fox 64. All the members of the development team are doing our best so that the final product will not betray your expectations. And the game will not be delayed for a very long time – we’re aiming to launch the game in Q1 2016. Please stay tuned for further announcements.


The reactions to this is amusing to me. So many people have an orgasm and go, “Good,” then quote Miyamoto’s “a delayed game is eventually good” line.

But Nintendo’s job is not to make good games. Nintendo’s job is to make money. Nintendo only makes good games because they believe it will make them money.

The game looks like a PlayStation 1 Era type game. Aside from that, what is with all the gimmicks of the different vehicle types? Do we really want PUZZLES in Starfox?

I bet this Starfox will have many puzzles in it. The idea of an arcade-like game is so alien to Nintendo that they only know one genre now: puzzles. Maybe Sakamoto can lend a hand and put in some romance cutscenes between the furries?

All in all, the game must be judged when it is done. But the track record of Starfox is horrendous. The only good Starfox game has been the first one and some like the N64 one. The aesthetic still feels wrong as it does for most Nintendo games these days.

THIS is what I want to hear from a new Starfox:

Need more of this aesthetic and less of the crappy ass goofiness that the N64 ruined the series with:

I think this Starfox will be like the N64 one but with Gamepad gimmicks galore. I expect it to not sell Wii U systems and, therefore, be a failure.



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