Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 25, 2015

Crash is what happens when best selling game is actually a terrible, terrible game

Look at the top ten list of Atari 2600’s best selling games. There are some GREAT games here. Pitfall. River Raid. Space Invaders. Missile Command. Great stuff.

But then there is E.T. which was terrible. And then there was Pac-Man which was the most terrible port. It is amazing how many people bought that terrible port.

Consoles, at the time, were bought to play arcade games at home (such as PONG or Space Invaders). Pac-Man broke the trust of the consumer.

Consoles also brought PC games to larger audiences. The Ultima ports on the NES I remember were popular with the older gamers who didn’t have PCs. But have you ever seen the Ultima 7 SNES port? HOLY MOLY! It is so terrible!

And if you are the PC gamer, you know all about the terrible console ports.



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