Posted by: seanmalstrom | September 28, 2015

Email: Notice how the competitors like the Wii U?

I’m not sure if Yoshida is being sincere or just trying to encourage Nintendo to do the wrong thing.  But I’ve noticed that like you said, the industry seems to love encouraging Nintendo to release piss-poor selling games and consoles.

Notice how we have heard jack shit from Pachter this generation, yet he couldn’t shut up about Nintendo during the Wii era?  Or how the industry couldn’t stop telling Nintendo they need to release a Wii HD last generation, yet this generation they simply boycotted Nintendo and hardly said anything about it?

These are just some observations.


Yup. They LOVED the Gamecube as well. “Nintendo should make more consoles like the Gamecube.” LOL!

They will also love Nintendo making the worst selling first party games. “That Mario Sunshine is amazing.” “Metroid Other M is incredible. All Nintendo games need this type of narrative direction.” (IGN, I believe, actually said this!)

Gamers think everyone in the industry talks like gamers. No. Businessmen talk like businessmen. When a businessman says he likes the competitor’s product, it is most likely the competitor’s least selling product. If the product sells very well, then the businessman will say how ‘awful’ it is.

Did you hear Apple’s competitors heap praise on the iphone or ipod? Of course not.

Did you hear the industry praise the Wii or DS? No. Hatred of a thousand hells were launched. But when Nintendo makes a Gamecube or Wii U? “Yeah, Nintendo is cool again!” hahahaha

What is so sad is that all this flies over the head of the Nintendo fans. They literally do think they ‘love’ Nintendo’s products and ‘understand’ them. I saw one of them make a gaming message forum thread of “If they love Nintendo consoles so much, why don’t they make games for them?” hahahahahaha. Maybe it is because they do not love them at all!

Have you noticed the industry never mentions the 8-bit or 16-bit generations? They only mention the NES if they are talking about a third party NES game. In fact, they even declare that we only liked the NES because of the third party games. Yeah, because no one ever liked games like Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, Metroid, Tetris, and all the rest.

These guys do veiled insults all the time. Let me use a currently easy-to-witness businessman for an example. When Trump is asked about a rival, he will say, “He is a very nice man,” or “She is a very nice woman.” In business speak, nice is actually an insult. He is insulting them in a dismissal way.

Nice is also an insult in romance speak as well. Nice guys finish last in both romance and business.

Nintendo is a very ‘nice’ company at the moment. Nintendo is not threatening its competitors. Of course, they love the Wii U! They hope Nintendo makes nothing but Wii Us for now on.



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