Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 9, 2015

Sublevel Zero

What is this!? It’s a child of Descent!



I love seeing new games like this. Looks very cool. I might check it out.

What is ironic that as someone who supposedly ‘hates’ 3d games, I love games like Descent, Wing Commander, and FPS like Unreal Tournament. Why? It is because they are fun. These games also have cool aesthetics. Games like Super Mario 64 or Aonuma Zelda turn me off because they are NOT fun. I don’t see what is fun about doing 3d puzzles or scavenger hunts (for stars and stuff). Modern Mario games turn me off because of the terrible aesthetic.

If a game doesn’t FEEL cool, I won’t play it regardless if the gameplay is fun. Arcade games knew this. Games like Defender or Pacman FEEL cool. They are all glitzy and exciting with popping sound effects. Modern Mario games like NSMB or 3d Mario in NSMB (heh) is like Mario being made by EA or a third party company. The aesthetic is lame and the game is just dull. No pop! I want the pop, Nintendo!



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