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The Great SNES JRPG that no one knows about

You better get it before people discover it and have the price be more than a hundred dollars. (I got my copy for $20. A steal!) SNES has great JRPGs from Chrono Trigger, FF4-FF6, Dragon Quests, and so on. But there is one SNES RPG that no one talks about… and I know why.

The 7th Saga

The 7th Saga box art.jpg

I’m a huge fan of the original Final Fantasy for the NES. Final Fantasy 1 was very difficult with intense battles. People say the story of FF1 was awful, but I loved it as it seemed more mythical including the crazy time travel. 7th Saga is Final Fantasy 1 for the SNES.

Do not play the Japanese version! THE JAPANESE VERSION IS EASY MODE! (How often can we say that?)

The reason why the retro game prices are skyrocketing for NES and SNES are due to the Western Otaku. However, the Western Otaku only like anime flavored games or games they can easily beat. Chrono Trigger has some anime flavor in it which they LOVE. For some explicable reason, they think Earthbound is the greatest game (it really isn’t that good which is why it bombed when it came out). (Watch these losers who paid $200 for a loose copy of Earthbound now assault my email.)

7th Saga is passed over by the Otaku because the game is old school hard. It makes Dark Souls look like a joke. However, harder games would be the older Wizardry and even older Ultima games. 7th Saga is ‘brutally hard’ only among the world of the Otaku.

And there are lots of random battles. Oh yes. But you can DODGE the random battles with your crystal if you are quick enough. Very cool.

What makes this game unique among the JRPGs is that the game revolves the seven characters hence the ‘7th Saga’. These seven characters are very different. You have your obvious ones like the knight, dwarf, and white/black mages, but you also have a robot, an alien and a demon. What is VERY interesting is how you have a slightly different experience in how the game responds to you depending on which character you play. You can interact with the other six characters as you all are trying to collect the ‘runes’. Sometimes, they might join you. Other times, they might fight you. Sometimes they join you and then betray you!!! It seems to be different each time. So much replay value!

Even more astounding is the lack of reviews for this game. Do we really need 54754754754 reviews for Chrono Trigger / FF4-6 / Super Metroid / LTTP / Etc. when no one seems to be reviewing games like 7th Saga? It really shows most of the Otaku just follow other Otaku. Someone posts on a Gaming Message Forum that ‘this game is awesome’, and then the Otaku all buy it to prove that they are now awesome. They should just buy Lemmings and be done with it (which IS available for the SNES!).

You want to see an Otaku getting his ass handed to him by 7th Saga, reader? OK. Here we go:

These are the BEGINNING mobs of the game! Yet, the Otaku cannot handle it! The game is too much for this Otaku!

Now for some sanity:

Above: One of the few reviews of 7th Saga out there.

Now excuse me reader, I’m going back to 7th Saga: the manliest JRPG ever made.

Above: Intensity, thy name is 7th Saga. Go Reader! Go play your Chrono Triggers, your Super Metroids, your Link to the Pasts, your Earthbounds, and your Final Fantasies… 7th Saga calls to me, not to thee.



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