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Email: Tezuka finally realize something during “Mario Maker” Development?

Another interview he stated that  Mario Maker would not replace the 2-d games. He also dropped a hint that he may finally want to add some more depth to the 2-d series in the next couple years.

Nintendo’s prominent video game designer Takashi Tezuka has revealed in the latest edition of Famitsu that he would like the opportunity to work on something other than the Super Mario series. I’m sure more than a few of you would love to see him at the helm of a brand new Nintendo IP. Who knows what he wants to do next? But after Super Mario Maker he probably needs a well deserved break.

Tezuka: “We will continue to make 3D and 2D Mario games, but I want to make one that even exceeds New Super Mario Bros.”

Got a plan? Tezuka: “I can’t say anything concrete yet, but you may see it within a few years.”

Tezuka: “I also kind of want to seriously work on something other than Mario.”


I looked for the interview, and it seemed to be in a Famitsu magazine.

First of all, Nintendo says lots of stuff. I only care about what NINTENDO DOES. Aonuma is the proverbial Lucy holding the ball (Zelda) in front us (Charlie Brown). He keeps telling us that the next Zelda will get to the roots of what Zelda is and be wonderful. Then, he takes the ball away and goes full bore Otaku on us while laughing. How can we get a Zelda that gets to the classic’s roots when Aonuma, himself, was not a fan of those games? Nintendo has yet to address this. As far as I’m concerned, Zelda is a dead franchise.

I’m not sure where Tezuka is going with Mario. What I want is a definitive 2d Mario game. I still haven’t gotten it.

New Super Mario Brothers for the DS was awesome only because it was the first new 2d Mario in 16 years or so. Otherwise, the game kinda sucked.

NSMB Wii was awesome only because it was the first new 2d Mario on home console AND that it did four player. The four player thing was interesting. But still, the game kinda sucked.

I haven’t played NSMB 2 for 3DS and don’t care too.

NSMB Wii U screams ‘rushed launch title’. I’m staying away.

Mario Maker is interesting but not compelling. I’m not paying money to play other people’s shit.

Part of the fun of the classic Mario games were the beautiful drawings. Yes, the 3d makes things easy to do, but something is missing. Why has Donkey Kong Country, which used 3d imagery to build its sprites, been accepted and almost even iconic, but NSMB graphics have not?

It was likely due to technology, but the Japanese made games of the past were ‘earth grounded’. Link to the Past is cartoony, but it doesn’t scare us like Wind Waker does.

Some of this isn’t hard to figure out. Look at what the original Mario games presented:

Super Mario Brothers – Introduction to Mushroom Kingdom. First time we see the Goombas, hammer brothers, cheep cheeps, Bowser, etc.

Super Mario Brothers 2 – Introduction to Subcon. First time seeing shy guys, Wart, Mouser, Birdo, etc. Could choose 4 characters.

Super Mario Brothers 3 – Pioneered the map system. Introduced many new enemies, airships, Koopa Kids, and new power ups.

Super Mario World – Introduction to Dinosaur Land and its enemies. Introduced Yoshi.


And out of all these games, Super Mario World was the weakest in that it didn’t introduce much (yet, it introduced a TON compared to other games).

At the time of Mario Mania, a Mario game was more than its map design. A Mario game held a fantasy mythos. Playing the fantasy was a huge part of its appeal. If it wasn’t, then why did the blue background mattered so much in the original Mario? It is because you were in a new world. People love exploring a new world!

Mario! Mario! Mario!

You don’t hear ‘level design’ coming from the commercial. You hear how much more immersive the world will be.

2d Mario doesn’t do anything new anymore.

2d Mario used to be the pioneer of gaming and the 2d platformer was THE SHOWOFF of a new console. Genesis needed Sonic. Turbographx-16 needed Bonk.

Aside from 4 players at the same time, there is nothing new in Mario.

2d Mario doesn’t offer immersion anymore.

If people didn’t like immersion, then Super Metroid SNES cartridges would not be costing $70+ at the time of this post.

2d Mario is only challenging at the last stage of the game making a boring journey.

Not even the original Super Mario Brothers was this easy. Warp zones lose value if the game is so easy. It is bad enough that you can save anywhere.

2d Mario has lost its replayability.

Who replays NSMB DS? NSMB Wii? Anyone? There’s no reason to do so.

2d Mario doesn’t expand the mythos anymore.

2d Mario would define Mario’s universe which then the sports games, kart games, and such would then use. Without offering something new to the fabric of Mario universe, 2d Mario games feel uneventful. Bad analogy incoming:

Classic Mario games are to Mario as the early Star Trek movies were to Star Trek. But NSMB games are to Mario as ‘Insurrection’ or ‘Generations’ are to Star Trek. NSMB games are boring, uneventful, and lack the journey. NSMB feels as if Electronic Arts made a Mario game.



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