Posted by: seanmalstrom | October 30, 2015

Email: NSMB U Has An Expiration Date

I can replay the older 2D platformers today and have a great time. It’s not just nostalgia, that’sbarely a part of it. The games are fine meals and are very high quality, their gameplay go beyond their technical and time limitations. The spectacle of them is being dropped into worlds that you get to explore and conquer with great controls and many, many ways to destroy it.

I felt that excitement with Mario Maker videos because of the new power-ups but quickly lost interest due to all of the focus on people trying to make levels are cruel and ridiculously challenging. I don’t want an easy game, I want something that seems fair and intuitive while courting my interest and imagination. I’m sitting back on it.

NSMB U is something that I would have argued is brilliant, but I remember too many dry spells in it. There are too many levels in the game that don’t stimulate me much as a gamer. It was definitely a blast playing through it the first time, but I stopped playing it after coming one coin short of being able to get the last level of the Super Star Road.

It’s a tough place to be in. It’s fun to play, but not to replay. The game is filled with content, even the recycled Luigi U stuff is fine if you’re ok with speedrunning being mixed into recycling already used content. It only gets a pass since it came with my copy of the game. There are nice challenges added to the game that seem reminiscent of the challenges from Mario Kart DS, but the main game has nowhere near as much love and work done to it as the main game modes of Mario Kart DS.

The only other Mario games (platforms that you actually play as Mario) that weren’t fun for me to replay were Super Mario Bros. 1 (Deluxe and Advance included), Land 1, Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy 2. I have no plans to play 3D Land and plan to get 3D World when Nintendo eventually gives it away to promote some other future game on Wii U (or when it can be bought for less than $30).


It would be interesting to note why we replay games. NSMB is a dud for music and cool artwork. I still don’t think Nintendo understands the appeal of Classic 2d Mario. Hell, Nintendo still doesn’t get the appeal of classic Zelda either or Metroid!



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