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Nintendo Like Profits

Iwata said the NX plan was to return to ‘Nintendo-Like profits’. What he is referring to is more like the above chart.

But if you noticed, the chart above is about operating income, not profit.

It’s time to… show me the money!


That clip has transcended that movie and should be a motto of your life, Glorious Reader. Then you can become like this guy:

Above: This guy could be an investor in Nintendo. You never know. Either way, guys like him make sure to read their Malstrom so you should too! (cracking up while I write this…) (Reading is always better with an indoor pool of fish nearby…. or you could just get a fish tank. ……. Or you could go to the gym for your basketball court / gym / and fitness rooms. You could go to movie theater to watch movies. Really, the only true difference between rich people stuff and your stuff is that their stuff has a much larger privacy sphere.)

I’m waiting for more information about Nintendo’s plans to say anything. The little tidbits leaking out are not saying much.

There is the notion going around that Nintendo intends to make ‘mad profits’ off mobile games. This is not a Nintendo way to look at it. Mobile games is only a… tentacle. We need to examine the squid. I think it is impossible to analyze Nintendo’s mobile games on their own because their strategy will not be an isolated one as is the case for most mobile games. When a game company, such as Square, makes a mobile game, they mean to sell the game as a product. I do not think this is Nintendo’s intention. I think Nintendo is using the mobile games as a marketing tool primarily. This marketing will be very sinister because it is ‘interactive’. It will be Interactive Marketing! That’s their great innovation for the upcoming generation! Hahahahahaha!

Back in Generation 7, it was easy to predict the Wii because we had the DS and tons of Nintendo statements (which no one took seriously except for pages like this).

We have no Generation 9 handheld to base the home version off of. But this, itself, is a signal of things to come.

Nintendo is most dangerous when they are quiet. They have been quiet for quite a while. I’ll go through their investor questions and answers when it is available in English. Other than that, it is better to be quiet than to ‘analyze’  off of no information. All the people talking and yakking right now about ‘Nintendo’s Plans’ are showing their idiocy because there is no real information out right now. You’re just pulling stuff from your ass.

Pulling Info From Ass = Conjecture from ‘Revolution’ name. What games you want. Basing off what Sony and Microsoft are doing.

Look at Correct Data = DS design, games, and momentum strategy. Blue Ocean Strategy. Christensen’s disruption. The Wii-mote controller (revealed TGS 2005).

We don’t have shit to base anything off at the moment. And Nintendo is intentionally keeping it that way.

Above: “No info for you, Malstrom!”



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