Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 3, 2015

Email: 7th Saga is great

I gave it a shot on an emulator from my Wii and had a lot of fun. Perhaps the people who bashed the game doesn’t know the advantage of using defense before attack? This is important. I beat Romus after a few tries and didn’t know about the whistle before reading your blog (I’m against using a guide). I didn’t find the NPC until after beating Romus because they were a little out of the way, but I learned the backstory of the boss from them that I thought was cool. I got stuck on Pison until I checked out the potion shop for items to experiment and found one that lowers defense which helped me past him. I stopped after reaching the third town before finding out my SD card malfunctioned and won’t save, but I accepted the loss of all progress because it was fun enough for me to want to do it all over again anyway. I chose the average human and want to save the more interesting classes for replays. I looked for the cartridge at a couple retro stores and couldn’t find it, but I will keep looking. Thanks for bringing this game to my attention!


Cartridge is always the best experience. I can’t exactly say ‘why’, but it is. The game is not expensive unlike the other SNES RPGs. Though, I expect that to change sooner or later.

I’d say 7th Saga is a game for those who really enjoyed the grindy Dragon Warrior 1 where you walk in circles to get exp or gold to get that ‘uber weapon’ as well as those who enjoyed Final Fantasy 1 for the NES for its difficulty and other-worldly theme. 7th Saga is like a NES RPG but in 16 bit.

But I love its innovations:

-Crystal ball so you can avoid random encounters if you are quick enough. It’s like the only JRPG that learned from the innovation that Zelda 2 did!

-Gold on loss is alleviated by buying gems. You don’t lose gems on death. It is like 7th Saga has a Death Tax. You die, you lose half your liquid cash. But if your cash is in hard gems, you get to keep 100% of it! hahahahahaha

-Crystals remove a TON of redundancy from the game. You were so close to getting the Wind Crystal, reader. The Wind Crystal lets you teleport instantly to any town you’ve reached. It saves so much time! The Water Crystal heals your health in battle which means you can allocate your heal spells or potions for out of battle heals. The Star Crystal boosts defense. You get the idea. (But if you die during an apprentice battle, the apprentice takes your crystals and you have to hunt him/her down on the map to get them back!)

-You can only hold 9 of an item. Therefore, you don’t have to buy 99 potions and shit like Final Fantasy 1.

-Each character has different strengths and weaknesses.

-You can team up with another apprentice increasing the replay value further. You are given this opportunity, reader, at Bonzo. You were almost there!

-Teaming up with an ally has its pluses. You have more survivability and can kill monsters easier. However, there is a huge price: experience cut by half. I prefer to go solo to experience up faster.

The real ‘challenge’ is when you fight apprentices. Pison is probably the first ‘big challenge’, but nothing compares to an apprentice battle! You can outlevel Pison or Romus, but you can never outlevel the apprentice! You will be relying on strategy and luck.

7th Saga isn’t for everyone, but I enjoy it for it hearkens to the time before JRPGs turned into anime soap operas. It is also really cool to discover a classic you didn’t know.



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