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Email: Western characters for Smash

Since you’re upset that the most iconic Final Fantasy character is in Smash and there’s no “western” characters. Who would you pick? When I think of current Western game characters that could be in Smash, all I can think of are generic white guys with guns or blank slate characters you make like in Skyrim. But please enlighten us with the creative popular characters western devs have given us.


I have to laugh at the thought of Japanese ‘characters’ as not being blank slate or guys with guns (or in this case, swords). Pac-Man is a blank slate. So is Mario. So is Link. Hell, none of Nintendo’s characters even ‘talk’.

You want Western characters? Here you go:

Minecraft Steve is more popular than Mario at the moment.

Earthworm Jim is still awesome.

Jazz Jackrabbit





Sub-Zero or anyone from Mortal Kombat. If they have Ryu, why not a character from Mortal Kombat? Everyone knows that Mortal Kombat was the main competitor to Street Fighter 2 back in the day and is a franchise still going on strong today. The reason why it will never be included is because Mortal Kombat is Western. ONLY JAPANESE IS ALLOWED IN SMASH.


Ms. Pac-Man is made from Midway I believe.

Joust bird and knight would be PERFECT for Smash. But it is American, and Nintendo already ripped off Joust for Balloon Fight.

Spy Hunter car was fucking awesome.

Worms would make a great addition.

Alice from American McGee’s Alice.

Qbert would be PERFECT for Smash.

Evil Otto from Bezerk.

Leisure Suit Larry Collection Series.jpg

Can you imagine Leisure Suit Larry in a Nintendo game!? hahahahahah

Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw

Transformers have been in numerous video games. And they are American. Japanese like Transformers too!

Lara Croft


No white guys mentioned except for Minecraft Steve and Leisure Suit Larry, but they are so absurdly cartoon that you might as well say Mario and Link are white dudes.

The problem, emailer, is that you never fucking looked. You just ‘assumed’ and didn’t even do a minute of research. All the characters above are famous and recognizable, every single one. Some may be before some people’s time like Evil Otto. There’s TONS of characters out there.

But I want to spotlight the fact that Nintendo is intentionally only choosing Japanese made games into Smash. It’s becoming clear to me that Nintendo is no longer a video game company but a Japanese Pride company that sometimes makes video games. Nevermind the fact that all of Nintendo’s characters became popular because they were based on Western archetypes (Mario – Western plumber, Link – Tolkien Fantasy, Pit – Western religion as there are no angels in Asian religions, Samus – from Aliens, and so on…).

It would also be enlightening if someone asked Nintendo this directly. However, Nintendo no longer seems to talk to the press. They just make Nintendo Direct videos behind walls to protect them from scrutiny. Miyamoto does not have to face the crowd of disappointment that he had to when Wind Waker was showed off, now does he?



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