Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 18, 2015

Email: My experience watching the Nintendo Direct live

I was in the Twitch channel and paid some attention to the chat. What
I noticed was:

– A constant spamming of “Melee HD”, “Sunshine HD” and “Mother 3” from
hundreds of people. These are what the fans want (and aside from
Mother 3, I don’t know why), but Nintendo’s having none of it. Mother
3 is being released on the Wii U only in Japan and it’s unlikely to
ever come anywhere else, despite Lucas being featured in the Smash

– People despise Amiibo. There’s no question about it, because when
Nintendo added “be sure to get these Amiibos to unlock more features!”
in every damn thing they showed, there were cries of “RUINED” all over
the chat.

– The Cloud reveal was kept to the very end to make everyone forget
about the rest of the lackluster show, because Nintendo knew that most
watching were ADHD 4chan regulars. And it worked because everyone was
freaking out… everything else was forgotten at that point. Never
mind that FFVII will never actually come out on a Nintendo system.


Someone must be buying those Amiibos. Notice how Nintendo says ‘need more profit’ and not ‘need more gamers’ like in Generation 7. Nintendo does not want gamers like you and me, reader. Nintendo wants gamers who think the Gamecube games are amazing and wants more of that. Nintendo’s plan seems to be siphoning as much profit from this smaller number of gamers.

Nintendo no longer talks about market-share. Why not?



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