Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 25, 2015

Email: Miyamoto Lets It Slip

Master Malstrom,

For many years, you’ve said that Miyamoto has a sick obsession with 3D. It looks like the man himself finally admitted the same. In a public forum, no less!
During a press event at E3 where, children are apparently allowed now, Miyamoto proudly proclaimed that the favorite of his titles was, surprise, Super Mario 64. You can see him positively gushing over the 3D aspects, as he talks about how fun it was FOR HIM to work on.
In the same segment, he discusses how he hated working on Mario 3, talking about the process being “too much work.”
What I found interesting was the difference in reaction from Tezuka, who noted he enjoyed working on Link’s Awakening, due to being able to bring the Zelda 1 & 2 teams together, for a dream-team project, and to “make a really fun game.”It’s a very real contrast that highlights exactly where Miyamoto’s priorities are, and have been for years.


Those who have been reading for a while get it, those who haven’t think I’m plain nuts (hahahahah). I mean, c’mon, the proof is that we went DECADES without a new 2d Mario game. Nintendo makes the greatest thing since sliced bread and then suddenly stops making it. And then they become UPSET when NSMB and NSMB Wii sell so well! Hahahahaha.

Nintendo and its audience are not on the same page. Nintendo wants to go one way, the fans the other. Nintendo knows this which is why they do so much ‘fan service’, but yet they still aren’t giving what the fans REALLY want.

How would you guys like a fully fleshed Super Metroid-esque game for the home console? Orrrr….. would you like Galactic Federation Force for handheld? Yeah.

Anyway, what is charming about that video are the kids. Video games really are about the kids. The Hardcores tend to forget this. If there is one thing I hope never changes at Nintendo is making games that children and families love.



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