Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 25, 2015

The New! Unreal Tournament looks impressive

Do we need game companies? What about game developers? After all, the first games were made by gamers for gamers. There was no such thing as ‘industry’.

After seeing and participating in the birth of various game genres, from Warcraft 3’s Tower Defense to DOTA, to the various mods of Unreal and Quake, and so on, it very much is possible for gamers to simply make games for themselves.

I still play UT99. I haven’t tried the New! Unreal Tournament. It looks very good.

Hey! It’s Facing Worlds. Yes, we are still playing the same goddamn map over fifteen years later AND WE LIKE IT!

I think Free Games are a huge threat. “But Malstrom, free games cannot compete with profit games.” I think there are so many games out there, they all run together, and so many of them suck.

The thing is, I think Free Games is going to devour the Western style of games. But Japanese games will stay whatever they are. The difference is that Western style games tend to revolve around arenas while Japanese games are more linear. Both have their pluses and minuses. For example, Asteroids is Western style arena but Gradius is a linear game. While Western RPGs are ‘open world’ because they are arena based, the linear JRPGs are could innovate in ways such as script telling as we saw in the 16-bit RPGs.

Epic used to be really big in encouraging community driven modders. Epic also made available for free all their additional maps they made for UT. It’s interesting to see this all evolve.



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