Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 26, 2015

Email: I think Free Games is going to devour the Western style of games

Hi Sean,

“I think Free Games is going to devour the Western style of games.”

I didn’t understand this part, did you mean free to play? Devour, like make premium western games non-viable commercially? What’s a Free Game?



Open source gaming?

The only reason why the Game Industry exists is because they have access to technology or budgets necessary to make such games. But what happens if this advantage goes away?

It used to take a big budget to make a game like this:

Now, nearly anyone can do it.

“But Malstrom, no one has made an equivalent of Super Mario Brothers 3. Where is the talent in the free games?”

Where is the talent in the Game Industry?

“Oh snap!”

I don’t think free games will ever replace genuine talent making commercially viable games. However, free games will devour talent-less companies who are entrenching themselves behind competitive walls.

Nintendo thinks Free Games are a massive threat. Then again, what has Nintendo made lately that makes you want to spend money? Mario Maker even shows that Nintendo thinks ‘Free Games’ are entertaining enough if they give up the most important role of a game (content) over to rank amateurs.



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