Posted by: seanmalstrom | November 30, 2015

Email: Game Industry always seem to be on a safe space

Read your post on Stardock and it’s paid betas. It kind of reminds me about how developers unable to take criticism from game testers and end up putting out betas for a group of hardcore gamers since they don’t want to hear anything bad about their work.

It should also applied to Nintendo as Sakamoto didn’t want to hear criticism on his baby, Other M and only want to hear from positive gamers, same with Aonuma and his Puzzle Zelda, and Miyamoto and his obsession with 3D

Do you think developers hate reality? Meaning you are the bad guy because you give Blizzard, Ninteno, and the rest of the game industry a reality check?

No. For the record, I do not think Nintendo or Blizzard brazenly go against what people desire. In the case of Miyamoto, for example, I think he is so enamored by 3d that he believes we will be enamored too by 3d if he simply makes the RIGHT game. In his mind, he is ‘trying to please us’. Blizzard is hard coded to follow market reaction even if it is extremely painful for them. Following some Blizzard devs, you can see they struggle when the criticism starts. “Just wait! Just wait!” Patches appear, criticism continues. Eventually, a big announcement is made and Jay Wilson is removed along with the Real Money Auction House. I think one huge difference between Blizzard and Nintendo is that Blizzard is highly dependent on their gamer communities. Nintendo is not. What Nintendo does is shove out their fans and replace them with the next young batch of kids. One of the reasons why Nintendo began to pursue older people with the DS and Wii was because of the steep decline in the fertility rate of Japan.

About the paid betas… I think it comes down to a basic Human issue: people do not like to work. The story is the same. Younger game developers work their butts off to make a great game so they get to be ‘inside the industry’. Once there, the natural reaction is to not work as hard. Everyone wants to work less than they do.

I think there is so much laziness in game making today. I’m currently playing the original Unreal Tournament. This game is chock full of content. It is firing on all cylinders and the game is ridiculously fun to play even today. I ask myself, “How can this be?” Let’s find out:

Above: Notice how Unreal Tournament’s development revolved around the bots? How interesting!

“Took us 3 years, we were in a little office, working 14-16 hour days…” “Working our butts off…” You don’t hear them talk like that in their succeeding titles.

The idea is not to get a job or to enjoy your job, it is to enjoy working. I’ve got to give props to Miyamoto because he works his ass off (or so I’ve heard).

Gaming needs more ambition… that of the good kind. The ambition is in ‘not working’ such as making various business models like amiibos or dlc in order to sucker more money while doing less work. How wonderful it would be to turn it on its head and embrace work!

I’m realizing I am one of the earlier hardcore gamers (oh, that word!).  What I perceive to be good gaming is to be ‘high octane’. I want rock music. I want sizzle and flash. I don’t want boring shit.

I want high energy games. Today’s modern games are low energy.

Above: This is a high energy game.

Gaming needs to be more high octane. Nintendo needs to be more high octane. It was playing with power after all, not playing with ‘puzzles’ or ‘story’ or other low energy ‘old fart developer’ bs.



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