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Email: In defense of Fire Emblem gamers…

Fire Emblem is a POS franchise (boy, I am going to hear about that from the fans) and even Nintendo knows it. They want you to buy the game three times! hahahahahahahaha, Fire Emblem gamers are SO STUPID they will probably do it too! And be sure to get the themed 3DS as well! Suckers.
I read your website infrequently, but as I was going back through older posts I missed I noted this one. To be honest, although I disagree with your terminology (“POS” only in the sense that it’s not going to expand the market for the platforms it is on), you’re not really wrong that these gamers are the type to spend a lot of extra cash to collect everything. But then again, Fire Emblem is a niche group of gamers anyways – dedicated (or crazy) groups in the West that went back and played the Japanese originals that were never imported over just because we enjoy it so much. Heck, we also took the time to translate Fire Emblem: Binding Blade because it was never imported. I think I can speak for most everyone in that group that we were shocked that Fire Emblem Awakening sold as much as it did. We know how few people actually enjoy these games (when our reference point is the actual game itself and not Super Smash Brothers), and I never thought it would get past the Gamecube game Path of Radiance since the market seemed non-existent.

However…are we stupid? I don’t believe so. We just know what we like and are willing to spend more money just to have it. If it gets us another chapter in the franchise that by all accounts should probably have passed into history already, then it’s fine by us. We know what is going on. Not like we were duped into paying for it three times (proof is in the special edition pack that includes all three games – which sold out within hours of it going online: any actual Fire Emblem gamer knows that is the item to collect anyways and bought that the minute we found out about it). Had Nintendo just stuck an increased price tag on a version with all three stories in it in the first place, we would have bought that. It’s Nintendo that wastes a lot of advertising on three versions making it out to be three totally separate games. They didn’t need to bother because we already know what’s going on. It’s also why I wanted to reply to your post, since you seemed to think it was the Fire Emblem gamers that were stupid and not Nintendo itself.

I really doubt their strategy is going to work in the larger audience that seemed to pick up the last Fire Emblem game. Everyone else will just settle for one version and be done with it (or worse just bypass the entire franchise as too complicated). This isn’t Pokémon where kids rush out to have all of the different colors.

Anyways, I concur we as Fire Emblem gamers are suckers for these games. I’m not certain what price would be cost-restrictive to us actually purchasing this game, but an extra 40-60 dollars isn’t it. It is just a devoted, niche market. If anyone is stupid it is the marketing folks who thought we needed all of the info about three versions in a Nintendo Direct update. It’s like someone doesn’t realize what they are doing and trying to market this to a broader audience. Or perhaps if they made it obvious it was a niche market and jack up the prices for FE games only, investors might catch on? Perhaps not all of Nintendo realizes what a franchise like Fire Emblem really is, or it probably would not be featured on the Nintendo Direct.

Long response to your post, and if you were simply trying to say that anyone who loves Fire Emblem is stupid because they’re just stupid games then it is obviously a wasted effort. I can’t really argue with an opinion like that since most people don’t care for Fire Emblem anyways.


You’re taking it too personally. I attack Nintendo not because of Fire Emblem. I attack Nintendo because they went from a strategy of +gamers = +profits (7th Generation) to a strategy of +milking of current gamers = +profits (Current Strategy Now).

I honestly don’t understand the Fire Emblem fans. I bought Path of Radiance for the Gamecube when it was being thrown out at $5. Today, it is $90. Why? I have no idea. I don’t really like the game. I should try to replay it before I sell it.

The ones I really don’t get are the Earthbound fans. Did you know that a loose cartridge of Earthbound goes for $199? That is CRAZY! It is like a cult. These aren’t ‘fans’, these are cultists.

I think what really rubs me the wrong way with Fire Emblem and Earthbound fans is that they believe their games are ‘high class’ art and that they, alone, are enlightened and exquisite gamers for playing them! Before you played Earthbound or Fire Emblem, your socks would stink and your farts smelled nasty. Once you are done playing it, your socks smell like flowers and your farts smell like cinnamon. This is the impression I get.



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