Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 7, 2015

Email: Terraria for 3DS


Dear Master Malstrom,

remember you said Nintendo is not savvy enough to get Terraria, apparently now it’s coming to 3DS and The Wii U Version is in the works as well…

3DS Trailer:


My response:

Finally, Nintendo consoles get a Metroid experience. Fuck you, Sakamoto!

Seriously, this is good work by the Indie guys at Nintendo. I am more interested in playing Terraria and Minecraft on Wii U than… almost anything else. I’d like to see FTL and Rogue Legacy appear as well.

Those are the four indie games I really like (Minecraft, Terraria, FTL, and Rogue Legacy). I keep searching for more. Nintendo did a good job getting World of Goo on the Wii when it did, but they really need to step it up and get these games. Third party games don’t just have to be the big AAA games. The Nintendo audience WILL buy Minecraft and Terraria.



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