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How late is Minecraft for Nintendo?

The ‘BIIIIIGGGGGGGGGGGG ANNOUNCEMENT” (OMG SOOOO BIG!) from Nintendo was Minecraft for Wii U. As people say, better late than never.

However, this does demonstrate incompetence at Nintendo. When you compare how Nintendo got games like Street Fighter 2 or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 to pump up their console sales, you can only shake your head. Nintendo sent a representative into Communist Russia just to get the rights to Tetris. Tetris was not only a popular game in its own right, it single handed launched and established the Gameboy line.

Let us look at the timeline.

-May 17, 2009-

Minecraft Alpha was released. (This is when Malstrom jumps in and soon declares how incredible the game is. Since it is a ‘PC’ game, the console makers do not care. Or so we think…)

-November 18, 2011-

Full version of Minecraft is released on PC.

-May 9, 2012-

Released on Xbox 360 Arcade.

-December 17, 2013-

Released on PlayStation 3.

-September and October 2014-

Released for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Vita.

-December 17, 2015-

Released for Wii U.


Nintendo’s competitor beat Nintendo to this game by more than THREE years! That’s incredibly bad. Minecraft is the most Tetris-like phenomenon since… Tetris, and Nintendo is in La La Land. What in the world was Nintendo doing in 2011 and 2012?



3DS was launched.


Wii U was launched.


Nintendo did not have their eye on the ball! While Nintendo was busy obsessing over ‘OMG 3d!’ and the ‘innovation’ of the Wii U, other competitors seized the hot game. Now Minecraft is not just associated with Microsoft, it is OWNED by Microsoft.

If you look at the long term picture of Nintendo, you will make the connection that…

-Serious decline occurred with the N64 and Gamecube.

What was the N64 and Gamecube games about? 3d. It was a forced type of 3d.

“But Malstrom! Nintendo had increased competition. Even the SNES had less sales!”

While this is true, but the N64 and Gamecube only sold decently in the Americas. Gameboy line had intense competition but always prevailed DESPITE being non-3d and being less hardware.

Remember the Virtual Boy? Despite the honkin failure of the thing, Miyamoto still thinks it was a success. The marketing failed the Virtual Boy. The product didn’t fail. Inside Nintendo, this is how they think of Virtual Boy:

Nintendo should have been tailoring themselves to the Internet revolution and gotten there first. However, they kept resisting the Internet even today!1!!! Their competitors have so leapfrogged them in this category, NX is playing catch-up.

“Don’t say it is the 3d, Malstrom!”

So Nintendo tries to cram 3d into their handhelds. What is the result? The result was the DS which kept failing to the PSP until games like Nintendogs, Mario Kart DS, Animal Crossing DS were released. “But those are 3d!” They aren’t N64-esque games. Mario Kart DS, for example, was inspired more by SNES Mario Kart. Eventually, DS became known as the ‘Last Fortress for 2d Gaming.’ Nintendo was not unhappy with the DS sales.

The Wii performed well even though it was not more ‘evolved 3d’ as the competitors. Why? Because people don’t care. Minecraft has the shittiest graphics, and people love it.

When Nintendo began forcing 3DS and Wii U, well, we see another spectacular plunge. There is a pattern going on here.

Following the development of Minecraft, Notch didn’t succeed because he imposed his ‘vision’ onto gamers. Minecraft is intriguingly devoid of vision. At one time during Alpha, Notch put up the difficulty for the monsters. People cried out so much that he turned it all off.

Nintendo has a bad habit of believing their intelligence is greater than the market. When a game like Other M doesn’t sell, Sakamoto blames the gamers. Are they the ones to blame? Iwata said, “Only the customer has the right to be selfish.” When Nintendo becomes selfish, they implode. The 3DS was a profoundly selfish console. It almost destroyed the company…. all so Miyamoto can get those awful 2d Mario fans to play his ‘superior’ 3d Mario.

The Wii U getting Minecraft today is as if Street Fighter 2 is finally ported to the Sega Saturn despite being available everywhere else a generation ago (I know it was on the Genesis, play with the example).



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