Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 16, 2015

Email: Eating Crow

Yeah, you were right that Sakurai is only interested in Japanese games. Hell, it’s even worse than that. Sakurai adds in only things that appeal to him. Fire Emblem isn’t big anywhere, not even in Japan. Yet because Sakurai is a fan of the series, Smash needs 6 Fire Emblem characters. The two new characters in Smash are Corrin from the newest Fire Emblem game (this is the 6th FE character in Smash 4), and freaking Bayonetta (he claims she was the most popular “realizable” character.)

What utter garbage. Cloud at least represents the Final Fantasy series, which deserves to be in Smash Bros. Nobody asked for ANOTHER Fire Emblem character.

Meanwhile, Donkey Kong only has two characters. Why not add Dixie Kong instead of a 6th FE character? And if you’re not opposed to adding characters from brand new games, then add the Inklings from Splatoon.

I seriously would have preferred Master Chief to Bayonetta.


Nintendo devs despise doing what ‘the public’ wants. Yes, Bayonetta is in because of a public poll (of who? Japan? Dunno…). You get YOUR character, now Sakurai will get HIS character in. Nintendo devs really do believe the games revolve around *them*. There are both pros and cons to this. A pro is that their ego is on the line so they do not want to put out a ‘bad’ game.

There is definitely a difference between the normal gamer and the Nintendo developer. The two are not one.

What is also extremely troubling to me is that Nintendo does not seem ashamed of the Wii U or 3DS sales… only the lack on profitability. With the Gamecube, Nintendo was actually very ashamed. They were mad. They so wanted to beat Sony and Microsoft. This is why we got the Wii. They were very worried with Sony entering the handheld market with the PSP. This is why the DS ended up being so good.

Nintendo doesn’t seem to want to win. They want to only be profitable. Nintendo wants to be profitable making the games IT wants to make, not the games you actually want to play. But I do not see how Nintendo can be a viable platform with this mentality. Perhaps Nintendo doesn’t care anymore.

NX knowledge isn’t put out yet, but the ATTITUDE emanating from Nintendo is that they seem content to be LOSERS in the market so long as they are profitable allowing them to make their Otaku games. By Otaku games, I mean making more games that will never resonate with the mass market (Fire Emblem, etc.). It isn’t that Nintendo should stop making these games (they should), but they should prioritize the mass market games.

Besides, why does Nintendo go orgasms over Fire Emblem when there is another great non-mass market franchise that we want: Metroid. No, Nintendo will only give us the Metroid they want to make which is Sakamoto based or EA-inspired (Galactic Federation crap). It’s not THAT hard to give us a modern 2d Metroid! Geez!



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