Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 18, 2015

Email: Smash DLC characters

Greetings Malstrom

I’ve always noticed, along with countless other people, that there’s a huge saturation of these ‘types’ of fighters, that is…

A swordsman
An anime character
Another Fire Emblem fighter

So now we have a FE character that no one asked for, Sakurai seems to want another Melee situation with Roy debuting in Smash before his original game came out. This inclusion seems really selfish to me, it’s like Nintendo cared more about advertising the upcoming Fates.

No one wanted this guy/girl, the reactions on YouTube are for Bayonetta instead, and the reactions are either dull or disappointing. Even the diehard Fire Emblem fans don’t care.

I thought Ryu was a good choice.

Cloud was ‘meh’ for me, I really hate JRPGs.

Bayonetta had me hyped, I’m a huge fan of the games she’s in. I think Smash could use more M-rated characters to give more variety.

Corrin felt like such a punch in the gut however, what about a newcomer we know about? Or better yet, a returning character like Wolf or Snake?


I have contacted Sakurai for an official response. Here it is:

What The Sakurai is telling us, no one knows. Just know that there will be more Fire Emblem characters on the way. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes out other characters and puts in more Fire Emblem ones… just because.




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