Posted by: seanmalstrom | December 23, 2015

Email: Funny at Nintendo in mall demo station

In this video of one of their tours, I checked out Nintendo’s little mini E3 set ups at a mall. What I really noticed was a 3ds demo station for Zelda Triforce heroes being unplayed.

They really should give Anouma (for Zelda) and Tezuka (of Super Mario and Yoshi’s 2-d Development) the break they want and let them work on something else so we can seeNintendo throw new life from different directors and producers and hopefully good engineers if nintendo has any left?


What Nintendo forgets is that Super Mario Brothers (the classic ones) and Zelda (pre-Aonuma) all were ADVENTURE games. Do you know what adventure games are, reader? They were about IMMERSION.

Nintendo has no fucking clue why Super Mario Brothers became popular. Nearly 30 years, and they still have no clue! They keep thinking of the gameplay, a mechanic, or something else. It was the immersion, stupids. Super Mario Brothers, when looking at it in its context of time, was the MOST IMMERSIVE GAME EVER MADE.

You cry bullshit, reader? Go play the games of 1985 of both console and PC. You will discover that most games had a black background, didn’t scroll, and had no background music. Super Mario Brothers had the BLUE SKY, scrolled, and went over land, underwater, underground, into the sky, and in castles! In fact, 1-2 starts right where 1-1 ends. Did you know that? I bet you forgot you filthy little reader (go take a shower already!). When you get to 2-1, gasp, you see the castle of 1-4 in the background. You have…. wait for it…. continuity! Immersion! Egads!

Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 were also extremely immersive games. The music was out of this world.

We already know Metroid is immersive. I have many problems with Super Metroid, however, it is an extremely immersive game. You know what is also immersive? Super Mario World.

How about Link to the Past? Do you want to hear it, reader? Shut up and look, reader!

Starting at 3:00 in, you hear the rain and this IMMERSES you into the game.

Nintendo is full of stupid people who just don’t get it. When was the last IMMERSIVE game Nintendo made? The core games are immersive games. PS4 and Xbone do immersion so much better, but Nintendo doesn’t try anymore. The last immersive Nintendo game I can think of is the first Super Mario Galaxy.

Single player games need immersion. I do not need ‘puzzles’. Hell, even Shadowgate, despite being a puzzle based game, is more immersive than anything Nintendo has put out in the last decade!

Nintendo’s idea of ‘immersion’ is anime shit and manga. Fuck you, Nintendo!



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