Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 7, 2016

2016 is the Year

In all my financial books, most over a decade old, all point to one year being the flashpoint: 2016. 2016 was determined as the ‘year to get the hell out of dodge’ because of mathematical reasoning of various currency devaluations, pensions imploding, etc.

Here is the analogy to best summarize how 2016 will be in financial terms…

2008 was a single plane going down.

2016 will be a fleet of planes going down.

I anticipated this, and, for the past few years, have been quietly creating a little financial ark to ride out the upcoming tough times. Currently, I have no debt. NO DEBT. Since I don’t have a wife or kids, I do not have future debt (lol). Most of my eggs are placed in the automation basket. Did you know that labor is getting more expensive even in China? This means automation is here to stay.

I still don’t think people understand the nature of the Automation Revolution. They read their tech blogs and articles and *think* they know, but they do not know the scale or revolution that is to come.

It is bigger than the Computer Revolution.

It is bigger than the Internet Revolution.

The Automation Revolution will transform civilization on a scale you cannot imagine. This is not the *first* automation revolution. The first was centuries ago with what we call the Industrial Revolution. This, however, was an automation of muscle. What is to come is the automation of the brain.

Do you remember elementary math class? You said to the teacher, as we all did, “Why should I learn this if all I have to do is press a few buttons on the calculator? The calculator gets it right every single time.” The teacher would scold you and say how you needed to know it. Yet, everyone uses calculators. Even the fanciest, most genius of engineers use calculators. The calculator is an automation of the mind…. although a very primitive one. You do not have to memorize multiplication tables in order to multiply with the calculator.

Consider the chemist with his or her PHDs and Masters. Suddenly, a machine can do the same job they do. Chemists are very expensive. Machines and their maintenance are not. The only chemists that will be needed are those who can do things the machines cannot. Most often, this means thinking outside the box because machines cannot do that. In other words, chemists of the future have to be brilliant to be a chemist… and there will be much fewer of them.

Doctors, lawyers’ jobs are being automated even now. Teachers are being automated. Due to the financial crunch, every business on this Earth will say, “How do we save money and become more efficient?” The answer is automation. They will automate as much as possible.

What about video game makers? “They are CREATIVE, Malstrom,” sneers a reader. “They cannot be automated!” Au contraire, dear reader. Minecraft is a revolutionary game in so many ways, but one thing Minecraft did that should scare the shit out of game makers is the fact that Minecraft was made by one guy and also offered the most interactive and enormous open world ever created. How could ONE person make such a massive open world game? The answer was automation. The industry does not call it automation, but it is. They call it randomized content generation or some bullshit term like that. The point is that Minecraft generates its own unique worlds. No one had to DESIGN each world. Imagine this automation going into other aspects of game making. Why can’t art be automated? Or the sound? The music is getting close to being automated. Why not have balance changes be automated (a very possible near future scenario)?

Above: When Minecraft first came out, game developers told me they were amazed how such randomized terrain can look so natural. It is how one person can make such a massive game: Automation. But automation will continue in other parts of game development!

The mind will be automated and civilization will enter a transformation. Even sex will be automated. But this Automation Revolution, which will absorb the Computer and Internet Revolutions, like the spinning hurricane that absorbs other storms, will only come into full flower from the fertilized remains of the current system. China halted its trading yet another day. It is going down. Japan is going down. South America is going down. Europe is going down. They’re *all* going down.

If you want a future career, get on the good side of automation. Otherwise, expect diminishing job prospects and stagnant to declining wages.

Above: Computers and the Internet were seen as the savior to the individual. Now, they are seen as the demon that enables tyranny against the individual. The truth is that what is no longer needed is YOU. You are no longer needed. Why do you need a PHD in Chemistry when you can fix a machine that does the same job? Why do you need to learn multiplication tables in math if a calculator does the same job? Two questions? Just one repeated over again.



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