Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 9, 2016

An example of how gaming is cyclical

“This is new! It has never been done before!”

Maybe it is a sign of aging, but there is rarely anything new under the sun for me in gaming. With the Wii, I saw the NES. “This is new! It has never been done before!” But it has been done before. And it created a similar success story.

I want to give you an example of how gaming can be cyclical. The latest health fad is to be standing up when using a computer or gaming. “But gaming is about sitting down! We are going to die, Malstrom! No!” Aside from the Wii, which Nintendo intended to play standing up in many games, you can play standing up with the handhelds. Oh yes.

I am sure some dumbass hardcore gamer will go, “I will set up my gaming console to play standing up! Hah! I am new and innovative! I am teh revolutionary!”

Remember this, smart guy?


The arcades were about standing up and playing. I know there are sit down ones such as the racing car games. But most arcade games you stood up to play. PLAYING GAMES WHILE STANDING UP IS NOTHING NEW! IT WAS THE NORM FOR DECADES! Even with the Atari 2600 and NES, people played them standing up. Who played Duck Hunt sitting down? The NES games were soooo intense, I had to play many of them standing up. I still do today at times.

Perhaps the constant sitting down influenced game development to make games more akin towards sitting down…. meaning boring ass slow games.

It’s not that the old games are hard. It may be that you keep trying to play while sitting down.



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