Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 9, 2016

Email: Metroid Plus

Hi Malstrom,

Check out this mod for the original Metroid: Metroid Plus

The mod adds saving, an in-game map and stacking beams to the game. You need the ROM, then you can patch it and play on an emulator. Maybe it would be possible to play it on an actual NES if you have a writable cartridge, I don’t know. Sadly when you die you still start out with 30 health, so you still have to grid for health in front of those pipes, but at least when you save the game without dying your health is saved as well.

You know, it’s a real shame Metroid has these small but really annoying problems. I just played Zero Mission for the first time and beat it under three hours, basically in two or three sittings. I guess it’s OK for a handheld game, but it’s pathetic for a remake of Metroid. My younger brother beat the original game on the GBA from the NES Classics series when he was still pre-teen (he used a map, but still), yet all these hardcore games cry like little babies that the game is too old for them. If it wasn’t for the health-grinding Metroid Plus would have been perfect.

Since the Metroid was programmed in Assembly having a ROM is equivalent to having the source code. There is even a commented version of the source code out there, but sadly if anyone tried making anything with, it like write a source port, Nintendo would shut it down immediately. I would really like to see this game polished up instead of Sakamoto’s reimagining.


THIS is what should be done. I am not a fan of DLC and all, but it does make possible for these projects. They remaster garbage N64 and Gamecube games into HD, why not the classic games? Oh, that’s right. Nintendo doesn’t like those games and wants us to ‘leave them behind’ and only play their 3d/story laden shitpieces.

Super Mario All-Stars was an extremely successful re-release. Of course, it helped that it has the most popular video games of all time. But there is room for great profit here.

Give us Metroid, and then give us an option for an enhanced Metroid like Metroid plus. It uses the same game engine, yet with tweaks. Map making, easier to recharge your power, saving, etc. They could add in Crateria, Maridia, and other others. New bosses.

Miyamoto says, “I have made these games before, I do not want to make them again.” Let the younger ones do it. And Nintendo remakes games like Mario Kart all the time. The art assets are largely already done. The audience may be more niche, but they have deep pockets.

Imagine ‘enhanced’ versions of the classics.

Zelda 2- Another overworld with new dungeons and items.

Zelda 1- Multiplayer? Map editing like Mario Maker? New items? New dungeons?

Metroid- As shown above.

Link to the Past- A Second Quest.

Super Mario World- Additional levels? More Special Worlds?

Super Metroid- More areas, more weapons, more bosses, harder modes, etc. Would people buy this? I think they would!

Nintendo cannot crank out games fast enough, so I don’t see why they don’t do something like this. I like this better than the re-releases of Gamecube games. If people wanted to play those games, they would buy a Gamecube to play them. No. Re-release the games people like which would be the popular ones.



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