Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 20, 2016

Email: Star Wars Rankings

Don’t listen to anyone (Sith) Lord Malstrom.

You definitely knocked it out of the park with your Nintendo compared to Star Wars rankings.

Since you left the Wii U kind of up in the air the only thing I can add to the discussion is to say Jar Jar Abrams feces sandwhich has my vote as being analgous to the Wii U.

That guy and Aonuma could trade director’s chairs for Star Wars and Zelda and no one would notice the difference in the quality or rather “lackthereof” of the end product.

P.S: ROTS was awesome.

Wii U + things that are awesome= does not compute.

I keep remembering how a former employee at Nintendo said that “Those who cut their teeth on the NES and SNES are running Nintendo…” as if it was a bad thing. It actually is a bad thing and here is why. They do not understand why Nintendo became popular from the consumer perspective.

I think Wii was close. Wii went awry with someone thinking Wii Music was brilliant, that Metroid: Other M was brilliant, that Aonuma Zelda was brilliant, that those people buying NSMB need to be manipulated into buying 3d Mario, etc.

The way how Nintendo makes their games these days makes me think they do not like ‘the Nintendo audience’. The Nintendo audience prevents them from making games like Metroid: Other M. Who does enable Nintendo to make such games? The manga crowd and those who are… creepy collectors of Nintendo. You know who I mean. They are the ones who buy every Fire Emblem game and frame its art. What’s with these people? “Yeah!” Nintendo says. “We want more of those gamers!” But the gamers who buy Mario, Zelda, and Metroid? “Fuck those guys. We will turn Mario into 3d Mario, Zelda into Aonuma Zelda, and Metroid into Manga. Hahahahahahahaha!”

Do you hear that, reader? Nintendo is laughing at me. Nintendo is laughing at us.

Nintendo: “Time to buy some more amiibos! Bahahahaha!”

Screw this.



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