Posted by: seanmalstrom | January 23, 2016

Email: Force Awakens

Does it seem to you like that Force Awaken’s status of generally well-received by the public at large was mostly manufactured? Because of the massive hype machine, along with critical reviews bought and paid for (and there weren’t any obviously terrible Jar Jar Binks characters), that the general public was more or less “set up” to like this movie? Or is the positive reaction mostly genuine, despite the hype?

I wasn’t a fan, and neither were any of my friends/family who are big Star Wars fans like me. Wasn’t a terrible movie, but it was infuriating to me that they tried to call it “Episode 7” when it didn’t feel like an Episode 7 at all. The thing I was most in disbelief of was how positive the reaction was everywhere. It seems like as more time is passing, I am reading more and more critical reactions, and this makes me wonder if people are finally starting to realize the wool that was pulled over their eyes?

Then again, I actually liked the prequels (although upon watching the TPM again… although it has some good parts, it just isn’t a good movie). The prequels have a different feel to them but I enjoyed that about them. Still, they were inferior movies to the originals. But I really enjoyed Revenge of the Sith. Here are my rankings:



Of course there was a manufactured reaction. This is true with all big budget movies and video games. Marketing companies are hard at work to keep the buzz going. They call it hype for a reason. Nintendo even does it too.

But a large part of it is from the consumers. When The Phantom Menace came out, people LOVED the film. “It is sublime,” they told me. As time went on, criticism of it began to snowball. The same is occurring with Force Awakens. “It was the best movie EVER, Malstrom!” But as the hype passes away, like bad gas, clearer eyes begin to see that most of Force Awakens was very similar to A New Hope. At the end of the day, Force Awakens will be seen as a retread of Episode IV and that’s about that. Wait YEARS from now, and it will be more pronounced in that thinking.



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